How do I configure Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008?

How do I configure Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008?

Configure Terminal Services Licensing

  1. From the Administrative Tools menu, click the Terminal Services menu and then click on TS Licensing Manager.
  2. In the TS Licensing Manager console, right click the server name in the left pane of the console. Click on Activate Server.

How do I get to Terminal Services configuration?

To open Terminal Services Configuration, click Start, click Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Terminal Services Configuration.

How do I get to Terminal Services Manager in Server 2008?

To run the tool, go to Start | Administrative Tools | Terminal Services | Terminal Services Manager.

How do I setup Remote Desktop Services?


  1. Log in to the RDS host as an administrator.
  2. Start Server Manager.
  3. Select Add roles and features.
  4. On the Select Installation Type page, select Role-based or feature-based installation.
  5. On the Select Destination Server page, select a server.
  6. On the Select Server Roles page, select Remote Desktop Services.

Can ping server but Cannot RDP?

Can you ping your server, but still can’t connect over RDP? It is likely an issue with the RDP service or your firewall. You’ll need to contact your hosting company to get assistance with the service or firewall.

How do I log into Terminal server?

Create a Terminal Services connection

  1. Open Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. In the Computer box, type the computer name or the IP address of a terminal server or a computer that has Remote Desktop enabled.
  3. Select Connect.
  4. In the logon dialog box, type your user name, password, and domain (if necessary), and then select OK.

How can I have more than 2 RDP sessions?

Double click on “Set Restrict Remote Desktop Services user to a single Remote Desktop Services session and set this to Disabled. Next, double click on “Limit number of connections” and set the RD Maximum Connections allowed to 999999. You can also set the limit to 2 to allow two session only.

How do you install Terminal Services?

To install the Terminal Services Licensing service, perform the following steps: Start the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel applet (Start – Settings – Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs). Click the Add/Remove Windows Components button. Select the ” Terminal Server Licensing” check box, as the figure shows, and click Next.

Where is the terminal services configuration?

The Terminal Services Configuration tool is found in the Administrative Tools program group on the Start menu . Click Start, Programs or All Programs, Administrative Tools, and Terminal Service Configuration, or else type tssc.msc at a command prompt.

What is a terminal server session?

A terminal server session is a user’s operating environment when logging onto a Windows Terminal Server, with or without Citrix Presentation Server . Each terminal server session is assigned a per-server, unique ID at logon.

What is terminal service in Windows?

” Terminal Services ” is the former name for “Remote Desktop Services,” which is an application built into Windows operating systems that, when enabled, allows users to access any other computer on the network from a separate, remote location. The Remote Desktop Services application is included with every edition…

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