What is there to do in Zurich at Christmas?

What is there to do in Zurich at Christmas?

12 Amazing Things to do in Zurich in winter 2020/21

  • Visit a Christmas Market.
  • Browse the Many Museums and Art Galleries.
  • Feast On Hearty Food.
  • Go On a Walking Tour.
  • Visit the Sukkulenten Sammlung.
  • Enjoy a City Ice Rink.
  • Hit the Slopes.
  • Hike Up Uetliberg.

What is Zurich like at Christmas?

Christmas markets, Advent concerts and Christmas shows: Zurich is simply enchanting at Christmastime. The whole city is bathed in warm light, there’s a scent of cinnamon and mulled wine in the air and Christmas melodies ring out everywhere. And, what’s more, Zurich’s hoteliers throw fantastic parties on New Year’s Eve.

Where is the Christmas market in Zurich?

Wienachtsdorf Market – the Urban Christmas Village The largest Zurich Christmas Market is ‘Wienachtsdorf’, the urban Christmas Village, near the Lake Zurich shoreline, atSechseläutenplatz in front of the Zurich Opera House.

Which German Christmas market is the best?

1. Trier. Now in its 40th year, the Trier Christmas Market will again be one of the loveliest in all of Germany. Set on the medieval Main Market and in front of the imposing backdrop of Trier Cathedral, the 95 attractively decorated booths offer a fitting framework for this wonderful event.

Is Zurich Nice in December?

It is true that Zurich is a fabulous place to visit at that time of the year, but there is equally a plethora of activities geared towards the colder, winter months. It really is a perfect city to visit all year round.

Is Zurich safe at night?

Re: is it safe at night near zurich HB? YES! Zurich is a very safe and very comfortable city. The area around the train station is very safe,… exceptionally safe when compared to other international standards and cities.

Is Zurich more expensive than London?

London is the third most expensive city to live in, coming just behind super-wealthy cities in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland. It’s the second most expensive city in Europe (after Zurich), and, obviously, the most expensive in the UK.

How many Christmas lights are there in Zurich?

During the Christmas season, Zurich’s main shopping street is lined with such spectacular lights (over 12,000 of them) that they even have their own nickname – Lucy!

Is there a Christmas market in Zurich Switzerland?

We first visited Zurich’s Christmas markets in 2018 and absolutely loved exploring the city’s various markets while soaking in the enchanting and festive atmosphere. To this day, it remains one of our favorite Christmas market destinations in Switzerland.

How tall is the Christmas tree in Zurich?

Besides Lucy, Zurich also happens to be home to one of the world’s most spectacular Christmas trees – a 50ft tall tree decked out in over 6,000 Swarovski crystals. You can find this tree at the Christkindlimarkt inside Zurich’s main train station.

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