How do you install ARB air locker solenoid?

How do you install ARB air locker solenoid?

How to connect your ARB Manifold?

  1. Connect air locker air line to “push to connect fitting” on the solenoid.
  2. Connect switch Pros Quick Connect harness to ARB air locker clip.
  3. Connect steel braided air line from the manifold to air compressor.

How do you install ARB bulkhead fittings?

Start out by installing the ARB bulkhead body: Screw the bulkhead body down into the threaded hole and use a 14mm or 9/16″ wrench to tighten it. The bulkhead body is brass, be careful not to over-tighten and break it. Once the ARB is installed, bend the copper line along the top of the axle housing.

Are lockers hard to install?

Yes they are easy to put in. The lunchbox type just install in your factory open carrier and replaces the spider gears. The full case lockers replace your stock carrier and you will have to reset your backlash to its current setting. This requires a shim kit and a dial indicator with a magnetic base.

What do you need to know about ARB lockers?

There is an ARB application for just about every axle and axle combination on the road today. The ARB Air Locker is an air operated, driver controlled differential lock activated by pushing a dash-mounted button.

How does the differential work on an ARB locker?

The differential is then fully open allowing full, standard differential action. The ARB Air Locker only takes a split second to engage, making it the only, truly driver controlled, differential locking system. Since the ARB Air Locker is air activated, I needed to have an air source.

Where does the air compressor go on an ARB?

When the dash mounted button is pushed, compressed air, delivered by the ARB 12 volt, on-board air compressor is passed via a 12 volt solenoid down an air line into the differential housing. The air travels into the differential center via a specially designed seal housing which seals against an extended bearing spigot.

What do you need to know about ARB bearing caps?

On the older ARB models the bearing cap usually needs to be notched or a hold drilled in it to fit the air line. On the newer style ARB’s the air collar is positioned so that this is no longer an issue. After marking the cap we drilled a hole then dressed the hole with a file to remove any burs and to make final adjustments.

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