What foot do you come to attention on British army?

What foot do you come to attention on British army?

Explain: Immediately on the command, the right leg is bent in front of the body so that the thigh comes parallel to the ground, with the foot hanging naturally below the knee. The right foot is then forced down beside the left to resume the position of Attention.

What foot is halt given on?

To halt from marching, the command is “Halt,” given as either foot strikes the ground. On the command “Halt,” you will take one more 30-inch step. Next, the trailing foot is brought smartly alongside your front foot. The heels are together, on line and form a 45-degree angle.

Which leg is used for attention?

The left leg should be used to go back to the attention position after stand at ease. How should I stand at attention? Heels together, feet pointed out at a 45 degree angle, head and eyes straight forward, both hands closed with the thumbs along the seam of your pants.

What does drill mean in the British Army?

Drill is the term used to describe a formal parade where you are able to move quickly in formation from one place to another. Through history, British Army Drill has been the foundation upon which discipline; teamwork, pride and pageant have all taken equal part.

How does a soldier march in a drill?

Forwards March – Soldiers, one by one, will march forward following the drill commander’s lead Halt – Soldiers will halt right where they are and will not dress the line if they’re not caught up; They will only dress it if ordered to Present arms – Soldiers will use the “Salute” tool

How to turn 180 degrees in a banner drill?

About Turn: Turn 180 degrees to face the opposite direction (always turning to the right, except in Banner Drill, whereby the right-hand escort abouts to the left, as so to not turn his/her back to the banner) Right Incline: Turn 45 degrees to the right Left Incline: Turn 45 degrees to the left

Which is the order to come to attention?

Ease and the word “PLATOON/BATTALION!”, etc., is the order to come to attention. Timings for The Rifles are: Double Time: 180 paces to the minute, Quick Time: 140 paces to the minute and Slow Time: 65 paces to the minute. Whilst the execution of Arms and Foot Drill, etc., may differ from other regiments, according to RIFLES

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