What are adjectives of luxury?

What are adjectives of luxury?

luxurious, lavish, luxuriant, opulent, plush, plushy, deluxe, palatial, sumptuous, luxe, silken, Babylonian, Lucullan, Lucullian, posh, lush, ritzy, fancy, swanky, rich, swish, grand, swank, extravagant, splendid, elegant, palace, magnificent, grandiose, classy, expensive, elaborate, gorgeous, upmarket, costly.

What are some fancy adjectives?


  • extravagant,
  • exuberant,
  • fancified,
  • flamboyant,
  • frilly,
  • gimmicked (up),
  • grandiose,
  • How would you describe luxury?

    1 : very rich, pleasant, and comfortable surroundings They live in luxury. 2 : something desirable but expensive or hard to get Fresh strawberries are a luxury in winter. 3 : something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary That new car is a luxury I can’t afford.

    What are considered luxuries?

    Examples of Luxury Items

    • Haute couture clothing.
    • Accessories, such as jewelry and high-end watches.
    • Luggage.
    • A high-end automobile, such as a sports car.
    • A yacht.
    • Wine.
    • Homes and estates.

    What is a powerful adjective?

    adjective. adjective. /ˈpaʊərfl/ 1(of people) being able to control and influence people and events synonym influential an immensely powerful organization one of the most powerful directors in Hollywood a rich and powerful man Only the intervention of powerful friends obtained her release.

    What is the rarest adjective?

    /rer/ (comparative rarer, superlative rarest) not done, seen, happening, etc. very often.

    What words are luxury?


    • affluence.
    • comfort.
    • enjoyment.
    • extravagance.
    • leisure.
    • opulence.
    • richness.
    • bliss.

    What is the synonym of luxuries?

    In this page you can discover 58 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for luxurious, like: lavish, opulent, extravagant, grand, luxuriant, in the lap of luxury, costly, gilded, rich, ascetic and sumptious.

    Which is the best synonym for the word luxury?

    Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb luxuriate which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts. Enjoying pleasures of luxury. Being very fine and comfortable. Synonyms: not essential but desirable and enjoyable and indulgent.

    What does the word Classic mean in luxury?

    The term “classic” is typically synonymous with a traditional or formal look. Despite this, it was still the fifth most popular term used by the top luxury brands to describe their products. Hermès has a single “classic” t-shirt available in 20 colours.

    What does Karl Lagerfeld mean by the word luxury?

    Hermès defines luxury as “that which can be repaired” and Karl Lagerfeld describes luxury as “the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress”. Whatever you think luxury is, it’s no secret that the appropriate use of language is critical to brand positioning.

    Which is an example of a precious object?

    The word “precious” is typically associated with jewellery and gemstones and there are plenty of examples of this. Rolex, Cartier and Tiffany all take great pride in using “precious stones”, “precious metals” and other precious objects. But luxury clothing and accessory brands also use the phrase extensively.

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