What is Vicky Beeching doing now?

What is Vicky Beeching doing now?

Vicky Beeching is now a regular television and radio commentator on issues related to ethics, technology, women, Christianity, music and social media. She is also writing a memoir about her faith and sexuality, to be published by Harper Collins and is currently doing a PhD on the same subject.

How old is Vicky Beeching?

42 years (July 17, 1979)
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Is Vicky Beeching in a relationship?

However, in response to the discussions she’d started in the church about sexuality, she received a nomination for the 2014 National Diversity Awards in the category of “Positive Role Model Race, Faith & Religion”. (She did not end up on the shortlist for that year.) In August 2014, Beeching announced she is a lesbian.

When did Vicky Beeching come out?

But it was doing so by sitting down and saying nothing. This is part of the complex backdrop against which last week a woman named Vicky Beeching came out as gay. In 2014, this shouldn’t be a story.

Who is Vicky Beeching and what does she do?

Victoria Louise “Vicky” Beeching (born 17 July 1979) is an English musician and religious commentator. She is best known for her work in the American contemporary worship music genre, and has been described as “arguably the most influential Christian of her generation” due to her Twitter following and appearances on BBC’s Thought for the Day.

Who are the composers of Vicky Beeching’s songs?

Beeching wrote most of the album’s material, although a few tracks include songwriting from Ed Cash, Matthew West and Joy Williams. Several of the songs for the album were written on Keith Green ‘s old piano, at the invitation of her mentor and friend, Melody Green.

When did Vicky Beeching release her first album?

Beeching signed with Sparrow Records and released a 2005 EP, titled The Journey. Her first full-length Sparrow album, Yesterday, Today & Forever, was released on 27 December 2005.

When did Vicky Beeching move to San Diego?

Hoping for a less conservative environment than Nashville, Beeching moved to San Diego in 2008 and began performing in churches there. Her third studio album “Eternity Invades” released in 2010, was recorded in San Diego. It features a song co-written with Steve Fee, “Glory To God Forever”.

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