Can you fake PSA grading?

Can you fake PSA grading?

Another possible telltale sign of a counterfeit PSA-certified item has to do with the label found at the top of the holder. You may not be able to read it word for word, but the label on the opposite side will be visible. Sometimes, a forger may attempt to simply add a fake front to a real PSA label.

Is PSA grading trustworthy?

Yet while SGC is viewed at the most trustworthy, PSA is viewed as the most accurate as shown below. Collectors most definitely have their concerns about the grading companies, yet believe that grading is a needed part and valued resource for the hobby.

What is a good PSA grade?

GOOD 2 (Good): A PSA Good 2 card’s corners will show accelerated rounding and surface wear is obvious. There might also be several creases on the card as well as scratching, scuffing, light staining or even chipping on the obverse. As for the card’s original gloss, it might be completely gone.

What is a safe PSA reading?

The following are some general PSA level guidelines: 0 to 2.5 ng/mL is considered safe. 2.6 to 4 ng/mL is safe in most men but talk with your doctor about other risk factors. 4.0 to 10.0 ng/mL is suspicious and might suggest the possibility of prostate cancer.

What is the lowest PSA grade?

‘Minimum Grade’ means the lowest PSA grade you are willing to accept. That’s it. Nice and simple. If you submit a card for grading with a minimum grade of 8, and if the graders evaluate your card as an 8 or higher, it will be encapsulated in a PSA holder.

Can cards be regraded?

Now, some collectors will be quick to point out that you can always have that card re-graded. That’s entirely true. Sure, you can resubmit a card for grading that already exists in a slab but many collectors don’t want to do that as they feel a grader’s opinion of it will be compromised.

What does PSA slabbed mean?

The slab is the plastic itself. Both graded and not graded cards are slabbed – but the grade at the top makes the card worth more while the slab on an ungraded card is just protection. Quote: Originally Posted by phillyphantom7.

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