Who sang tragedy in the 60s?

Who sang tragedy in the 60s?

The Fleetwoods
Tragedy (Thomas Wayne song)

Single by The Fleetwoods
Producer(s) Bob Reisdorff
The Fleetwoods singles chronology
“The Last One to Know” (1960) “Tragedy” (1961) “(He’s) The Great Imposter” (1961)

Who sang the song Tragedy?

Bee Gees

Who were the original Fleetwoods?

Gary TroxelLead vocalist
Cheryl HugginsVocalsVic DanaLead vocalistBonnie HannukaineVocalsCandy JohnsonVocals
The Fleetwoods/Members

Who wrote the song Tragedy?

Barry Gibb
Maurice GibbRobin Gibb

Who sang tragedy in 1998?


What year was the song Tragedy released?


What film was the song tragedy in?

Staying Alive

Is Mick Fleetwood related to the Fleetwoods?

Is Tommy Fleetwood related to Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac? The Fleetwoods are not related but the golfer does enjoy their music.

Do the Fleetwoods still perform?

Today, Gretchen continues to perform as Gretchen Christopher of the Fleetwoods while Gary Troxel leads his highly successful Fleetwoods group with Cheryl and Bonnie.

What film is the song tragedy in?

Who sang heartbeat tragedy?


What year was the song Tragedy?

When did Thomas Wayne and the DeLons release tragedy?

“Tragedy” ~ Thomas Wayne w/ The Delons (1958) Fernwood Records (Alternate take ) . The released version of, “Tragedy”, was on Fernwood #109 w/ the flip side being, “Saturday Date”. Recorded in October 1958 and a hit record of 1959.

What’s the plot of teen tragedy song Look Out?

It’s a little corny, especially with the “Look out!” climax, but that’s part of the teen tragedy appeal. This plot is a little more advanced than most. Johnny wants to earn money to buy his lady some nice things, including an engagement ring (the heartbreak of it all!), so he enrolls in a stock-car race.

Are there any death songs aimed at teens?

For the most part, tragedies must be specific to appear here, and stories must be clear, while death songs not specifically aimed at teens (e.g., covers of “St. James Infirmary”) are not included. This is the best of the teen tragedy classics, not coincidentally because the original was based on a real car crash.

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