What is the purpose of a disco ball?

What is the purpose of a disco ball?

Use a disco ball to reflect light Disco balls are also called mirror balls because they are made up of hundreds of tiny mirrors. A disco ball will reflect light throughout the space it’s in! When sunlight hits, they reflect tiny beams of light throughout the room!

What are disco balls made of?

Typically made by gluing hundreds of tiny mirrored tiles around a foam, cardboard or plastic “ball,” a disco ball is a fine piece of decor on its own, but it really shines — pun intended — when light is directed at it.

What were disco balls called before disco?

One appears in a Berlin nightclub sequence in the silent film Die Sinfonie der Großstadt (1927), 50 years before Studio 54. Of course, they weren’t called disco balls until the 1970s and 1980s, when they were a ubiquitous piece of equipment in discothèques. They were simply called mirror balls.

What is inside a disco ball?

This opens in a new window. It’s basically an inside-out disco ball made with 1,600 one-way mirrors mounted on a transparent acrylic sphere. The piece is suspended from pulleys and has a counterweight so that it can be raised and lowered easily.

Where to hang a disco ball in a house?

Hang them in a teenager’s room or from the top of your child’s loft bed to create a retro feel. Add a bit of sophisticated bling to interiors by placing smaller balls on coffee tables and shelves, in decorative bowls, on fireplace mantels, in bathrooms and windows, or in a sunlit corner.

How tall does a disco ball have to be?

When mounting a disco ball to the ceiling, be sure to place it high enough to avoid it coming in contact with dancers’ heads. A height of 6 foot, 5 inches or a bit higher should be sufficient.

What to do with an old disco ball?

The balls have the ability to manipulate light into striking patterns. If you have an old disco ball, put it to use by incorporating it into your home decor, or enchant your party guests with a lively display of multi-colored light. The center of a ceiling seems to be the most logical choice to hang your disco ball.

What was the purpose of the disco ball?

The mirrored disco ball, an ornamental relic from the 1970s, is still used to not only recreate a traditional disco dance party atmosphere, but also in more sophisticated interior designs. The balls have the ability to manipulate light into striking patterns.

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