How do I log into Sky Broadband?

How do I log into Sky Broadband?

Steps for logging in to your Sky WiFi Router:

  1. Browse to on your internet browser.
  2. You will come to a login screen. Enter the username and password from the sticker on the bottom of your Sky WiFi Router.
  3. If you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll see the web interface home page (as seen below) Related Articles.

How do I find my Sky router admin login?

Check you’re connected to your Sky Broadband. In a browser address bar, enter 192.168. 0.1. Enter the username and password.

How do I find out my sky username and password?

Based on the option you chose, you’ll either receive a reminder to the email address you gave us when you signed up or you’ll view your username on screen. Follow this link to go to the Sky iD sign in screen. Then click the Forgotten Password link. Enter your username and click Continue.

Where do I Enter my Sky Broadband username and password?

Once you’ve disconnected your Sky broadband router, connected your new router and navigated to the connection settings in the control panel you’ll be asked to enter the details. You may have to select either you ISP (Sky) or connection method (“DHCP Option 61” or “MER”) and then enter the username and password we just captured.

How can I Reset my Sky Broadband account?

You just need to hold down the reset button on the back of the Sky Hub for ten seconds, until the power light flashes. By doing a factory reset, you will revert the Sky Hub to its default settings, removing all changes you’ve made and resetting the username to admin and the password to sky For further support, ask the Sky Broadband community.

How long does it take to install Sky Broadband?

Installation within 24 hours if the area is feasible. Sky Broadband Services is the fastest growing Internet Service Provider in Shillong and is the preferred choice for home & business connectivity, committed to enhancing the lives of its customers by providing world-class internet service at affordable rates.

When to claim money back from Sky Broadband?

Sky Broadband Superfast Speed Guarantee: Selected Sky fibre areas only. If, after the first 14 days after activation, the download speed to your hub drops below your guaranteed minimum download speed, for 3 consecutive days or more, you can claim money back by calling Sky. You must be within your minimum term and can claim twice within it.

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