How do you get Gysahl greens in Hexxit?

How do you get Gysahl greens in Hexxit?


  1. Make a normal My Gysahl farm.
  2. Find some Gysahl Greens then make them into seeds (Crafting recipe above)
  3. Plant the seeds in the tilled and watered dirt and you are now the proud owner of a Gysahl Green farm!
  4. When they are fully grown they will look like they did when you found them, red part above ground.

What are Gysahl greens?

A leafy vegetable indigenous to the Near East. While too bitter for most people’s tastes, chocobos are known to enjoy the flavor, and thus the greens are often used as fodder for the animals. Duration: 30m. (Duration can be extended to 60m by offering multiple servings) Crafting Material.

How do I get golden Gysahl?

Golden Gysahl can be more commonly found in dungeon chests and it has been reported that the Lilypad of Fertility can improve the chances of Golden Gysahls dropping from harvested Gysahl Greens.

How do I get more Gysahl greens?

Gysahl Greens (Where to get them!) You can acquire Gysahl Greens for your chocobo from multiple vendors. One of the easiest is in Ul’dah – Ruby Road Exchange. This Exports vendor sells all the Gysahl Greens your chocobo will ever need!

How do you use Gysahl greens?

To bring him out, open the Character menu and you should see a Chocobo Icon. Select it and you will be able to see your Chocobo’s stats. From that screen, you should see the Gysahl Green icon. Drag it to your action bar and use it.

What does a chocobo whistle do?

A small hand-carved whistle that emits a unique, high-pitched tone discernible only by a chocobo trained from birth to recognize and respond to the sound. Use to summon your personal chocobo.

How do you tame a chocobo?

To tame a Chocobo you need to feed it Gysahl Greens which are ususally around where Chocobos are found. Once you have fed it enough Gysahl Greens you will be able to name your pet Chocobo with a Chocopedia, It will have a red collar around it’s neck after you have tamed it.

How do you heal your chocobo in Minecraft?


  1. Gysahl Cake can be used on a Chocobo to instantly grow it into it an adult Chocobo.
  2. Feeding Gysahl Green to any color Chocobo but Purple will heal it by 10 hearts.
  3. Some Chocobos can be found stuck in the corners of their pens and other non-solid blocks.

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