Why is my salt water chlorinator not working?

Why is my salt water chlorinator not working?

The saltwater chlorinator needs a sufficient flow of water for effective operation. A dirty skimmer basket, clogged or dirty filter, and a clogged pump strainer, can cause insufficient water flow for the chlorinator to produce less chlorine.

How do you reset the Zodiac pool chlorinator?

Press and hold the MINUTE button until the hours for the power pack and the cell are displayed. Press the HOUR button once to reset the hours for the cell. Your chlorinator was still working as normal while this message was on the screen.

How do I reset my LM3?

The output button is used to set the chlorine output of the Zodiac LM3. Chlorine output is selected by repeatedly pushing this button until maximum is reached on the chlorine output indicator. An extra push of this button will reset the output to minimum.

How do I know if my chlorinator is working?

The easiest way to be certain if the chlorinator is working is to make sure the cell is clean by checking the needle or production lights on the chlorinator box. When operating, you should also see bubbles (hypochlorite gas) inside the chamber, producing what looks like cloudy water – that’s chlorine being created!

How do you know if a salt cell is bad?

Further troubleshooting will be required.

  1. If the salt cell bubbles, but only a little bit, then you probably have a bad cell.
  2. If the salt cell bubbles vigorously, then it is working fine.
  3. If the salt cell is good, but you are are constantly getting a zero chlorine reading in the pool, something else is wrong.

Why does my chlorinator says no flow?

The “No Flow” light indicates that the flow switch is not detecting sufficient water passing through. Check the following: cleaning the cell or the filter (see how to backwash a DE Filter or Clean a Cartridge Filter). Replace the flow sensor.

How long does Pentair salt cell last?

3-5 years
It’s important to note, properly maintained salt cell will last 3-5 years; an improperly maintained cell can fail in a year. Considering that salt cells are relatively expensive, we want to make sure you know the basics about prolonging their lifespan so you’ll get the most value for your dollar.

Why is my chlorinator off?

Air that has entered the system elsewhere, usually through a leaky O-ring in the pump, may be trapped in the chlorinator canister and cause an air lock. This will become evident by unscrewing the canister lid with the pool pump turned off. After the canister fills with water, the lid should be reinstalled.

When to use Zodiac LM3 salt water chlorinator?

The Zodiac LM3 must only operate when the filtration system is ON, and water is flowing through the cell. The chlorine production of the Zodiac LM3 is controlled by the number of hours the Zodiac LM3 and filtration system is ON, as well as the setting of the output control.

When to replace a Zodiac lm2-24 op?

Advice is if you get the double yellow light in specific polarity only and the cell is old, replacing the cell first. Just had the same issue as the OP with my LM2-24.

How do you turn off a Zodiac chlorinator?

Turn off the pool’s pump system as well as the Zodiac chlorinator. Unplug the chlorinator from the power outlet and close off any plumbing valves connected to the chlorinator. Unplug the electrical leads connected to the terminals on the chlorinator cell. Unscrew the end cap of the chlorinator and pull out the chlorinator’s electrode plates.

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