What is building regulation H?

What is building regulation H?

Approved Document H (2015 edition) provides guidance on how to meet the Building Regulations in relation to drainage and waste disposal. Part H contains guidance on foul and surface water drainage, and also refuse storage for dwellings.

What is the purpose of Approved Document B?

Summary. Approved Document B addresses fire safety precautions which must be adhered to, to ensure the safety of occupants, firefighters and those close to the building in the event of a fire.

Is Approved B documents mandatory?

The ‘approved documents’ provide guidance for how the building regulations can be satisfied in common building situations. They are given legal status by the Building Act 1984. There is no obligation to adopt the solutions presented in the approved documents.

What is the latest version of Approved Document B?

The most recent editions were published in January 2013 and came into effect in April 2013. They replaced Approved Document B (2006) which incorporated 2010 amendments. A new clarified version of Approved Document B was published in July 2019 (see below).

What does building regulation H say about Brick built cesspools?

Requirements for the design, construction and maintenance of cesspools are set out in Approved Document H of the building regulations, which permits cesspools were the installation of a septic tank is not reasonably practicable.

Which section of H document covers rainwater system design principles?

Requirement H3: Rainwater drainage – Contains guidance on gutters and rainwater pipes, drainage of paved areas, surface water drainage, and oil separators.

What is Part B of the Building Regulations?

Part B contains guidance on fire safety, including means of escape, fire spread, structural fire protection and fire service access.

What is a fire strategy?

A fire strategy is a complex document specifically tailored to a building, reviewing all aspects of the building’s fire safety features including construction, compartmentation strategy, means of escape and other fire safety features/measures – including management arrangements in place to ensure it is fit for use for …

Who published approved documents?

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, now the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities publishes guidance called ‘Approved Documents’ on ways to meet building regulations.

Is a utility room a habitable room?

Typically, habitable rooms provide the living accommodation of the dwelling. They include living room, dining room, study, home office, conservatory and bedrooms. They exclude the bathroom, WC, utility room, storeroom, circulation space and kitchen (unless it provides space for dining).

Is it illegal to sell a house with a septic tank?

The key to a hassle-free sale is to do your research and avoid rushing. Make sure your septic tank is up to date with the relevant regulations and maintenance before putting your house on the market, and always be transparent with prospective buyers.

What was added to Approved Document B 2018?

Added 2018 amendment to Approved Document B (fire safety) volume 2: buildings other than dwellinghouses – amendments to statutory guidance covering fire safety matters within and around buildings in England. First published.

What is included in the Approved Document H?

Approved Document H offers guidance on drainage including foul and surface water and rainwater, and sanitary waste disposal, including sewage structures and their upkeep.

When does Approved Document B ( fire safety ) come out?

Publication title: Approved Document B (Fire safety) – Volume 1: Dwellings (2019 edition) Date published: July 2019 Date valid from: 30 August 2019. Summary. Approved Document B addresses fire safety precautions which must be adhered to, to ensure the safety of occupants, firefighters and those close to the building in the event of a fire.

Is there an error in Approved Document B Volume 1?

The department has become aware of a potential error in Approved Document B volume 1 2019 edition which details the provision of dampers fitted to the vents of smoke shafts. The department is investigating with industry experts the use of the defined term “fire and smoke dampers” in paragraph 3.51 iii.

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