How can I listen to Zimbabwe radio online?

How can I listen to Zimbabwe radio online?

  1. Star FM 89.7. FM 89.7. Last played:
  2. ZiFM Stereo. FM 106.4. Last played:
  3. Diamond FM. FM 103.8. Last played:
  4. National FM ZBC. FM 102.8. Last played:
  5. Radio Zimbabwe. FM 96.0. Last played:
  6. Nehanda Radio. Web. Last played:
  7. zim NET radio – Gospel Channel. Web. Last played:
  8. Reggae Ambassadors Radio. Web. Last played:

What channel is radio Zimbabwe?

FM Frequencies

MHz p program
96.3 h ZBC Radio Zimbabwe
96.4 v ZBC Radio Zimbabwe
96.5 v ZBC Radio Zimbabwe
96.5 h ZBC Radio Zimbabwe

How many radio stations are in Zimbabwe?

four radio channels
Today, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), the national radio and television broadcaster, has four radio channels, Radio One, Two, Three and Four, and broadcasts on two television channels for about 105 hours per week predominantly but not exclusively in English.

Which radio station has the most listeners in Zimbabwe?

ZiFM has 391 223 listeners (six percent) and Radio Zimbabwe is the most popular station countrywide with 2 688 403 listeners (40 percent). National FM has 698 320 listeners (10 percent), Spot FM had 214 330 (three percent) while Studio 7’s listenership stood at 133 843 (two percent).

Who is rutendo makuti?

Through one of her programs named “Ruoko Runopa” (which means a giving hand), Rutendo Makuti, a Radio Zimbabwe Presenter and Producer has helped several needy people to raise complicated health and education bills and supported them in many ways. Radio Zimbabwe is one of the big stations in Zimbabwe.

Where is power FM located in Zimbabwe?

Power FM Zimbabwe

City Harare
Broadcast area Zimbabwe
Frequency FM 99.6 MHz in Bulawayo
Language(s) English

Where is Radio Zimbabwe located?

Radio Zimbabwe is a state-owned Radio station which broadcasts in vernacular languages Shona and Ndebele. Radio Zimbabwe is a highly popular station based on its wide listenership. It broadcasts from Harare’s Mbare Studios as well as Montrose in Bulawayo.

Who owns Star FM Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe Newspapers
Zimbabwe Newspapers, Ltd. Star FM is a commercial urban radio station that broadcasts throughout Zimbabwe from the country’s capital, Harare. It first aired in June 2012 and is owned by Zimbabwe Newspapers, which owns Bulawayo’s The Chronicle, Harare’s The Herald and several other regional publications.

What does rutendo mean?

Rutendo is a Shona given name meaning “faith”. Although it is a unisex name, the name is predominantly given to females. It may refer to: Rutendo Makore (born 1992), Zimbabwean association football player.

Who owns power FM Zimbabwe?

Power FM is a Zimbabwean state owned urban music radio station that broadcasts nationwide on FM….Power FM Zimbabwe.

Owner ZBC
Sister stations Khulumani FM Radio Zimbabwe 95.8 Central Radio Classic 263 National FM
Webcast Listen Live

Which channel is power FM?

POWER 98.7
Power987 – Home – POWER 98.7.

Who owns ZIFM?

ZiFM Stereo

Owner AB Communications
Sister stations 98.4 Midlands Hevoi FM
First air date 15 August 2012

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