What is Roxas theme called?

What is Roxas theme called?

“The Other Promise” is the theme played during the battle with Roxas in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix in The World That Never Was.

How do you unlock Roxas melody of memory?

Roxas is a Memory Dive track in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. The Memory Dive stage is set against various cutscenes of Roxas’s appearances throughout the series, as well as Data-Roxas’s appearance in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It is unlocked through item synthesis.

How do you unlock all the songs in melody of memory?

World Tour is the main mode in Melody of Memory, and it’s the only way to unlock most of the songs in the game. As players get through World Tour they’ll unlock each song for Free Play, and other modes. In general, World Tour will take players at least 4-5 hours to complete, just by doing the bare minimum.

Does Roxas return?

Roxas is revived by Ienzo, Vexen, and Demyx through Vexen’s Replica Program just in time to save Xion from being killed by Xemnas in the Keyblade Graveyard. He fights alongside Sora and Xion in Lea’s place to defeat Saïx.

What is Ventus theme called?

Ventus’s name means “wind” in Latin; both it and his Keyblade’s default form, “Wayward Wind” (フレッシュブリーズ, Furesshu Burīzu, “Fresh Breeze”), have a “sky” theme similar to that of Sora’s.

Is face my fears in melody of memory?

Utada Hikaru’s song “Face my Fears” is not in the track list. The game features over 140 songs from the series including the ones composed and sung by Utada Hikaru. However, “Face my fears” was sadly not included.

Can you play as kh2 Sora in melody of memory?

Every Playable Character In Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory As a three lane styled rhythm game, you’ll technically be controlling three characters at once, such as Sora, Donald, and Goofy, as they run down the tracks. In total, there are 20 playable characters.

What is the hardest song in Melody of memories?

Hardest Song In Melody Of Memory – Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory – KH13 · for Kingdom Hearts.

Is Sephiroth in melody of memory?

In other words, it has songs that aren’t officially a part of any of the mainline Kingdom Hearts games that Melody of Memory will be recapping. Sephiroth has only ever appeared as a secret, optional boss in Kingdom Hearts.

Is Roxas a bad guy?

Roxas is an anti-villain/anti-hero and a major character from the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

Does melody of memory have a secret ending?

As of this time, no, there is not a secret ending to unlock in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. All of the story content and teasers for what’s coming up next for the series are offered to players for simply completing the game.

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