Which is the latest version of Video DownloadHelper?

Which is the latest version of Video DownloadHelper?

Video DownloadHelper 7.3.7 handles a recent YouTube change that could cause a video to be undetected, showing “No media to process in the current tab” in the add-on main panel. Version 7.3.5 now has support for downloading videos from YouTube that are available in DASH streaming.

Do you need coapp to use Video DownloadHelper?

Important: for most cool features, the Video DownloadHelper extension requires the installation of a free and open source background application we call the Companion App or ‘coapp’. The extension will guide you through the very simple coapp install then you won’t have to worry about it ever.

Why does Video DownloadHelper not work with audio?

Many thanks to our contributors ! In some situations, on sites streaming separately video and audio, Video DownloadHelper is not able to recognize both streams as being parts of the same media and does not offer automatic aggregation. As a result, the user may end up with an audio or video-only file, depending on the chosen variant.

Is there a workaround for YouTube Video DownloadHelper?

The Video DownloadHelper workaround is the same as with YouTube: use an external video converter to aggregate audio and video streams into a single audio+video file that can be used by your video player. We are aware of the inconvenience of having to install an external application, but there is no easy alternative here.

Which is the best extension for downloading videos?

About this extension. Video DownloadHelper is the most complete tool for extracting videos and image files from websites and saving them to your hard drive. Just surf the web as you normally do. When DownloadHelper detects embedded videos it can access for download, the toolbar icon highlights and a simple menu allows you to download files by

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