Is pewter gray a good roof color?

Is pewter gray a good roof color?

Most individuals would choose pewter grey since the different shades of gray can make it look classy while most would also choose charcoal-colored shingles since it can easily hide dirt and can absorb heat if you want to retain heat on your roofing Alexandria VA and house.

What is the difference between Timberline HD and HDZ?

The difference with the HDZ from the HD is that it has a 99% nailing accuracy due to its StrikeZone nailing area feature that is 600% larger. It is also gives you a 30% faster nail fastening upon installation than the HD.

Who makes pewter gray shingles?

GAF Timberline
GAF Timberline Natural Shadow Pewter Gray Algae Resistant Architectural Shingles (33.3 sq.

What does HDZ mean on shingles?

Timberline HDZ Reflector Charcoal Laminated High Definition Roof Shingles (33.33 sq. ft. per Bundle) (21-Pieces)

Is Timberline HDZ more expensive than HD?

Timberline HDZ Shingles HDZ shingles will probably cost you more than their HD counterparts, but that money will not be wasted. HDZ shingles also have the highest level of fire resistance, and a very high level of wind resistance as well.

What color are pewter shingles?

Timberline HD Pewter Gray Lifetime Architectural Shingles (33.3 sq.

What Colour is pewter GREY?

Pewter by Benjamin Moore Beautifully rich, Pewter is a light gray with soft blue undertones. If you’re looking for a true pewter color, Pewter is the perfect steely gray color.

How long will GAF Timberline shingles last?

about 15-25 years
GAF Timberline shingles tend to last about 15-25 years. They may not last as long as other types, including metal, copper, and even cedar, but they make up for it in other ways. Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing products on the market today for a number of reasons.

Are architectural shingles harder to install?

Since an architectural shingle roof is easier to install, is more durable and comes with a better warranty, its lifespan cost is, in many instances, actually less than that of a more basic 3-tab roof.

How big is a bundle of Timberline shingles?

Timberline HDZ Pewter Gray Algae Resistant Laminated High Definition Shingles (33.33 sq. ft. per Bundle) (21-Pieces) We took our signature #1-selling shingle, Timberline HD and transformed it by strengthening the common bond and creating the industry’s largest nailing zone.

What kind of sealant does Timberline shingles use?

Timberline HDZ Shingles are easy and fast to install, with an incredible 99.9% nail placement accuracy. Dura Grip sealant pairs with the smooth microgranule surface of the StrikeZone nailing area for fast tack.

What’s the difference between Timberline HD and strikezone?

New StrikeZone™ nailing area is the largest nail zone designed for high visibility, ease of installation, and maximum accuracy Proprietary LayerLock™ Technology mechanically fastens the common bond, allowing for a larger nailing area, up to 600% larger nailing target(compared to Timberline HD® Shingles) This item is unavailable for purchase online

What’s the warranty on GAF Timberline shingles?

Timberline® HDZ™ Shingles are easy and fast to install, with an incredible 99.9% nail placement accuracy! A great value, architecturally stylish, but practically priced — with a Lifetime Limited Warranty (see GAF shingle and accessory limited warranty for complete coverage and restrictions)

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