Is Carmen plant still married?

Is Carmen plant still married?

Despite not having much information about the personal life of Carmen, it’s known that she’s married to Robert Plant’s former bassist Charlie Jones with whom she has three children.

Who is Carmen Plant married to?

Charlie Jonesm. 1991
Carmen Jane Plant/Spouse

How many children does Carmen Plant Jones have?

three children
They have three children, their eldest a daughter named Sunny Plant-Jones (born 1993).

What does Robert Plant’s daughter do?

Carmen Jane Plant
Robert Plant/Daughters

What happened to Robert Plant’s first wife?

Robert Plant was shocked and devastated. An autopsy held on Monday 1 August 1977, revealed Karac had died from natural causes. Only a week earlier Carmen had become ill with the same stomach enteritis which affected Karac.

How old was Audrey Hamilton when she was with Robert Plant?

Robert Plant and Audrey Hamilton. Led Zeppelin’s song “Hot Dog” is said to be inspired by Audrey Hamilton, with Robert writing about their spring fling. The lyric “I took her love at 17” is inaccurate, however, with Audrey later confirming the song is indeed about her but stating she was 20 at the time.

What height is Robertplant?

1.86 m
Robert Plant/Height

What nationality was Robert Plant’s wife Maureen?

Maureen Wilson was born in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), India on November 20th, 1948. Shortly after her birth, her family moved to Birmingham in England where her father owned and operated a steel factory.

Why did Jimmy Page not attend Robert Plant’s Sons Funeral?

After the unexpected absence of Jimmy Page, Rolling Stone reported that Robert Plant thought his bandmates who weren’t there with him while he was burying his 5-year-old son weren’t as respectful and close as he thought they were. Here is what Plant said: “Maybe they don’t have as much respect for me as I do for them.

Who was the bass player for Carmen plant?

Click HERE for The Best Music, Merch & Memorabilia! On 18th May 1991, Carmen Plant married bass player Charlie Jones, who toured with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Apparently, Roy Harper’s song ‘Evening Star’ was written for Carmen and Charlie’s wedding day.

When did Carmen plant change line to four?

Plant changed the line to four the next year when playing the song live. Carmen Plant also appeared uncredited in the Led Zeppelin 1976 film The Song Remains the Same, at the Plant family’s Welsh country farm originally filmed in 1973.

What was name of Led Zeppelin song about Carmen Jane plant?

The 1972 Led Zeppelin song, “ The Ocean ,” actually references Carmen Jane Plant in one of the lyrics. Not many people can say they have a Led Zeppelin lyric dedicated to them! ‘I’m singin’ all my songs to the girl who won my heart.

What did Carmen Jane plant do for a living?

Today, Carmen continues to carry on the family’s musical legacy through Middle Eastern-inspired performing arts. In a 2018 article about her latest dance production, Carmen Jane Plant acknowledges her fortunate upbringing.

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