What spikes are best for triple jump?

What spikes are best for triple jump?

Triple jump spikes will be labeled TJ, and are slightly more flexible than dedicated long jump spikes. It will also have ample heel cushioning to prevent heel bruises. We recommend the Adidas Adizero TJ/PV, Nike Zoom TJ Elite, and the Saucony Soarin J2 when it comes to the best triple jump spikes.

Can you use high jump spikes for long jump?

You could use any running spike for them, but say you don’t do running events. Then you could use long jump spikes, they are practically the same thing. You might be better off just using a running spike because triple jump spikes weigh a little more. In the end, I would not recommend buying triple jump spikes.

What length are Nike spikes?

Spikes come in a variety of sizes: 1/8 inches – 5/8 inches; however, when in doubt, purchase 1/4″ spikes. Spikes longer than 1/4″ may tear up some track surfaces. Check with your coach if you are not sure which ones you should use.

Can you use pole vault spikes for long jump?

Long jump and pole vault spikes are generally the same thing. If anything, the Nike LJ spikes are probably a little more supportive than the PV2 spikes, so you might be slightly less likely get shin splints than using the PV2s. LJ/TJ spikes are perfect for PV.

What size spikes are best for sprinting?

Spikes can come in sizes as small as 3 mm, used primarily for indoor events, to 7 mm for outdoor tracks. Rounded studs will not grip nearly as well as spikes on a good surface. For short sprints on surfaces in good condition, 3 mm to 5 mm pyramid-shaped spikes will give you adequate grip and acceleration.

Should you size up for spikes?

Many athletes prefer a tighter fit from their spikes, sometimes moving down as much as a full size from their training shoes. Other runners find smaller sizes too snug. Try on several models to find the best fit. “You don’t want to feel your toe cramped up against the front of the shoe,” says Weich.

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