Are Sota Turntables any good?

Are Sota Turntables any good?

The SOTA Moonbeam, made in the USA, is an attractive, modestly priced turntable fitted with the excellent Rega OEM S202 die-cast tone arm. It was a warm, solid sounding performer “stock” but could be greatly improved with some “add-ons”.

Are McIntosh turntables any good?

The McIntosh MT5 is an impressive turntable. We can’t think of a high-end alternative that’s as easy to set-up, and few that are as nice to use. The general standards of build and finish are good, and the sound quality, while not outstanding, remains exciting and enjoyable.

How much does a McIntosh turntable cost?

The McIntosh MT5 turntable caresses every single groove of your precious vinyl. And for the asking price of $6,500, you should expect your records to receive some extra pampering.

Is Macintosh the best amp?

MC312 Amplifier named Best Stereo Power Amplifier of 2019 Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity has named the MC312 Amplifier their Best Stereo Power Amplifier of 2019. We are honored to receive this award and offer sincere thanks to Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity.

How much does a SOTA escape turntable cost?

Donna Bodinet, who is the matriarch of SOTA and current belle of the Midwest, was kind enough to send out a review sample of the Escape fitted with the Rega RB220 tone arm and Ortofon OM5e cartridge. The arm and table sell for $1550 plus whatever cartridge you choose to pair with it.

What are the names of the Sota turntables?

The offering from Sota include the following models (from the most advanced to the basic): Millennia, Cosmos, Nova, Star, Sapphire, Jewel, Satellite, Comet and Moonbeam. The first four models have a vacuum mat. The first Sota turntable was offered in the market in 1982 under the name Sapphire.

How do you change the speed of a SOTA turntable?

The only control on the deck is a red rocker switch that lights up when the motor is turned on. To change speeds you must remove the platter and move the thin, flat drive-belt from one motor pulley to the other (the upper one is for 331/3 rpm, the lower for 45).

How is the VTA on a SOTA Comet turntable adjustable?

VTA is adjustable by loosening a set screw at the base of the arm-mounting pillar and raising or lowering the entire arm assembly. I set the VTA on the Special so that the brass mounting plate was parallel with the record surface. I then refused to worry any more about it (footnote 5).

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