What does staff room mean?

What does staff room mean?

A staffroom or teachers’ lounge is a room in a school or college.

What is a staff room used for?

The staffroom is a room that an organization provides for the use of the people who work for it.

What should be in a staff room?

Staff rooms should also include a space where staff can eat and drink in comfort. This space could be an additional room or a section of a larger breakout room. Use the design choices to separate where people prepare food and eat, and socialise and relax.

What makes a well designed staff room?

Staff room design will need to accommodate a range of activities and with careful space planning this is achievable. Your room should be a communal space where colleagues can pick up a coffee and have a chat.

Is staff room one word or two words?

noun. A common room for teachers in a school or college. ‘The extension consists of two new classrooms, a library/computer room, a new staffroom, learning support teacher’s room and a state of the art gym. ‘

What is the room for teachers called?

staff room
The teachers’ room – also known as the staff room or faculty lounge – is one of the most important rooms for educators.

Is staff room one or two words?

Is it teachers room or teacher’s room?

In an office that several teachers share. Then it’s plural teachers and you need to use the teachers’ room. Teacher’s room is a room for only one teacher.

Is staff room a proper noun?


Is staff room a personal noun?

Examples of staffroom There were some minor concerns such as possible problems of the staffroom gardens overlooking adjacent properties and location of radiology, but these were all issues that could be easily rectified.

Is staff room one word?

noun. A common room for teachers in a school or college.

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