Are MeisterR coilovers good?

Are MeisterR coilovers good?

They seem very good, run them at 8 clicks front and 7 clicks rear in the wet, stiffer dampening in the dry. Really impressed with the performance, a huge leap forward from standard dampers and lowering springs. They are the only coilovers I’ve purchased but i consider them very good value for money for my purposes.

Where are MeisterR coilovers made?

We are redefining the world of suspension. MeisterR currently has an engineering workshop located in the UK and USA, along with road testing facilities located at the Nurburgring in Germany. MeisterR also holds various UK patents on unique parts used in our products.

How do you adjust MeisterR coilovers?

Damping can be adjusted at any time after installation of the Coilovers. To adjust the damping, turn the damper knob clockwise toward Hard until the adjustment knob stops. Then turn the damper knob anti-clock wise towards Soft until the desired level of damping is reached.

Are BC Racing coils good?

Aside from all that controversial stuff, BC makes excellent coilovers that will provide you with a decent level of customization at an affordable price-point; they’ve gotten popular for a very good reason.

What do meisterr zetacrd coilovers do for You?

The MeisterR ZetaCRD coilovers are designed for fast road and occasional track day use. Engineered to reduce body roll, provide compliant handling, without sacrificing ride comfort. Damping and ride height adjustable mean the ZetaCRD will provide full control over the vehicle suspension setting for the road or on the track.

When did the meisterr coilover suspension come out?

MeisterR was founded in 2008 by car enthusiasts looking to challenge the status quo of suspension available in the UK. MeisterR’s vision was to produce an affordable high-performance coilover that car enthusiasts can enjoy driving without breaking their bank (or their back).

What does Zeta stand for in suspension system?

ZETA (ζ) is the symbol for “damping ratio”, a measurement describing how oscillations in a system die down after a disturbance. The ability to control oscillations is the most important function of a suspension system and it is the concept that the ZetaCRD coilovers are build upon.

Why do you need helper springs on meisterr suspension?

Helper springs are incorporated in order to provide maximum wheel travel for best traction. Custom build advanced suspension for fast road and occasional track use. Custom build to individual requirement using MeisterR range of available technology to provide the best performance in any occasion.

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