How do I file a complaint with the Oregon labor board?

How do I file a complaint with the Oregon labor board?

Please call 971-673-0761 or email [email protected].

How do I report unpaid wages in Oregon?

info If you have not been paid wages for hours you worked, overtime wages for hours worked over 40/week, or have had unlawful deductions taken from your paycheck, please submit a claim using this form. If you have questions, please email [email protected] or call 971-673-0761.

Can employees discuss wages in Oregon?

With the new additions to Oregon law, this issue is clear. It is unlawful to discriminate or retaliate because the employee has: “Inquired about, discussed or disclosed in any manner the wages of the employee or of another employee.” HB 2007.

What is a wage and hour case?

Wage and hour cases are a common form of class action litigation wherein groups of non-salaried workers, usually paid hourly or for shift work, claim that they were in some way underpaid or put at a disadvantage by their employer.

How do I report unfair work practices?

Call the LETF Public hotline anytime: 855 297 5322. Complete the Online Form / Spanish Form. Email us at [email protected].

What if my employer doesn’t pay me on time in Oregon?

If an employer willfully fails to pay any part of an employee’s final wages when due, then, as a penalty, the compensation of the employee shall continue from the appropriate due date, at the same regular hourly rate, for eight hours per day, until the wages are paid or until an action for collection is filed.

How do I get wages owed to me?

1) Contact your employer to ask for your money If you think you are owed wages the first step is to contact your employer. It is best to do this in writing (via email or letter) so that you have evidence that you have requested they pay you what they owe.

Is it illegal to talk about wages in Oregon?

The law prohibits employers from inquiring about job applicants’ salary history. Do not discourage employees from discussing compensation with one another. The law protects employees who want to discuss their compensation with one another.

Is it illegal to pay employees differently?

Can a company pay different wages for the same job? It is legal for a company to pay different wages for the same or similar job, but only if there are non-discriminatory material factors which explain the reason for the difference.

What are labor violations?

Many employers find themselves facing employment related lawsuits that come directly from labor law violations. These labor law violations include not paying overtime when required, paying sub-minimum wages, not ensuring a safe workplace, not covering employee’s injuries on the job, and misclassification of employees.

What’s the minimum wage in the state of Oregon?

Oregon workers must make minimum wage. Oregon’s minimum wage depends on work location. Effective July 1, 2021, the minimum wage is $12.00 per hour in non-urban areas, $12.75 per hour in standard counties, and $14.00 per hour in the Portland metro area. Oregon’s hourly minimum wage increases every year on July 1st.

What are the rights of workers in Oregon?

All workers in Oregon have rights that protect you from being taken advantage of or discriminated against. Laws set the minimum wage, protect breaks, give you overtime pay, provide sick time, and more. Learn more about your rights at work, file a complaint, or ask a question. Oregon laws protect you at work.

What is the purpose of the Oregon Bureau of Labor and industries?

BOLI protects employment rights, advance employment opportunities, and ensures access to housing and public accommodations free from discrimination. BOLI’s core mission: BOLI and the Commissioner oversee critical committees dealing with workforce development and prevailing wage rate law.

How to contact the Boli state of Oregon?

Call 971-673-0761 or email [email protected]. Se habla español. We also accept anonymous tips for investigations, especially in cases when multiple workers are affected. Please email [email protected].

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