Is sudio good brand?

Is sudio good brand?

If you’ve looking at it as a relatively affordable wireless set of earphones, they sound decent, if a little neutral. Their design is visually aesthetic, and the battery life is good (7 hours on a single charge really is quite good; in comparison the AirPods only have a 5-hour listening time on one charge).

Is sudio Swedish?

Sudio is a Swedish design company which makes elegant minimalistic products for portabel electronic devices.

Where is sudio based?

Sudio Sweden is a Swedish lifestyle earphones brand headquartered in Stockholm. We produce high quality earphones with minimalistic Scandinavian design….Employing a self-driven multicultural team.


Which sudio is the best?

The Sudio Tolv is also a great option with a lower price and longer battery life, perfect for long flights. The Sudio Vasa Blå and Sudio Tretton are also great options if you are a bit paranoid about losing your earbuds or you just don’t want to carry a case around with you – it really depends on your preference.

Can Sudio connect to iPhone?

Go to the Bluetooth function through your device’s settings. 2. Locate “Sudio Tre” in your Bluetooth list. Press the “ⓘ” icon (for iPhone) and then press “forget this unit” OR if you have an Android device, press delete.

Is Sudio TOLV noise Cancelling?

Starting with the basics they’re not noise cancelling. A good fit does block out a lot of surrounding noise, but in a very noisy environment you’ll still hear that background noise.

Who founded Sudio?

Johan Gawell – CEO and co-founder – Sudio AB | LinkedIn.

Can sudio connect to iPhone?

Is Sudio a Singapore brand?

Sudio Singapore Sudio is a Swedish brand that offers a range of Bluetooth wireless earphones. Browse Sudio range of superior audio products exclusively available online duty-free in Singapore only at iShopChangi.

Is sudio FEM or TOLV better?

Both charging cases of the Fem and the Tolv use a soft touch finishing, though. The Fem earbuds are larger and heavier than those of the Tolv, although only marginally. Despite this, I personally feel they fit better. In terms of voice functionality, the Fem wins hands-down.

Can Sudio Ett connect to laptop?

Compatibility: Android, iOS.

Does sudio have mic?

The Sudio Tolv does microphones built into the earbuds, making it versatile to act as a Bluetooth headset for calls as well.

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