How do I create an XML report in Publisher?

How do I create an XML report in Publisher?

XML Publisher Report from XML Data Template

  1. Create a RDF or SQL or PL/SQL procedure.
  2. Register the RDF or SQL or PL/SQL report as a concurrent program and set the output to XML.
  3. Run the above report and get the output and save it as a XML file.
  4. Use the XML data in building the Template using Microsoft Word.

How do you add language template in XML Publisher reports?

Oracle XML Publisher Multi Language Reports

  1. Create your RTF template for the layout.
  2. In the template definition, Check the TRANSLATABLE check box and default language as EN-US (R12).
  3. In the translation file, edit the target language and the corresponding translated label for each English label in notepad.

How do you call multiple layouts in XML Publisher?

Handling multiple layouts in Xml Publisher (. Rtf)

  1. Then we can create multiple layouts in (. rtf).
  2. Like below we have to add condition(If) Field for handling the multi layouts.
  3. Double click on if condition which was added by ourselves. Then the following screen.
  4. Click On Add help text Button.

How do you find the subtotal and grand total in XML Publisher?


  1. Divide the for –each loop with Account code column.
  2. Do the current group logic.
  3. Display the subtotal column before closing the current group loop.
  4. Display the grand total value at the end of the report.

How do I load an XML file into an RTF template?

Working with the RTF Layout

  1. Open the RTF layout in Word, and on the BI toolbar click “Sample XML” in the Load Data, browse to the XML you saved and click ok.
  2. Make changes to your layout and Save.
  3. Best practice is to rename the layout using the date of change.

What is the file supporting the translation for a layout template?

Open your template in Microsoft Word with the Template Builder for Word installed. On the Template Builder tab, in the Tools group, click Translation, and then click Extract Text. BI Publisher extracts the translatable strings from the template and exports them to an XLIFF (. xlf file).

What is data template in XML Publisher?

The data template is the method by which you communicate your request for data to the data engine. It is an XML document whose elements collectively define how the data engine will process the template to generate the XML.

What is Oracle XML Publisher and what does it do?

Overview: Oracle XML Publisher is a template-based publishing solution delivered with the Oracle E-Business Suite. It provides a new approach to report design and publishing by integrating familiar desktop word processing tools with existing E-Business Suite data reporting.

How does the publisher work in BI Publisher?

At runtime, BI Publisher loops through the occurrences of the element and displays the fields each time. In the example, for each occurrence of G_VENDOR_NAME in the XML file, you want the template to display its child elements VENDOR_NAME (Supplier Name), G_INVOICE_NUM (the Invoices group), Total Entered Amount, and Total Accounted Amount.

What do you need to know about grouping in XML?

When grouping, note that the group element must be a parent of the repeating elements in the XML input file. These are some of the grouping scenarios. If you insert the grouping tags around text or formatting elements, then the text and formatting elements between the group tags are repeated.

Do you need a new RDF for XML Publisher?

New Requirements: A new RDF needs to be created for each requirement stated above or an existing RDF needs to be modified with huge amount of effort but whereas with XML Publisher it can be done very easily.

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