Which prisons are Category B?

Which prisons are Category B?

Category B These prisons are either local or training prisons. Local prisons house prisoners that are taken directly from court in the local area (sentenced or on remand), and training prisons hold long-term and high-security prisoners.

How far is Kirkham from train station?

The closest railway station is Kirkham & Wesham, which is about 2 miles from Kirkham Prison. Local buses running between Preston and Blackpool stop in Kirkham.

Who is the owner of HM Prison Kirkham?

The prison is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service . The prison’s location was originally the site of RAF Kirkham, which was built by George Wimpey on 220 acres (89 ha) of land bordering the A583 road from Blackpool to Preston. Work commenced in 1939 and the camp opened in 1940 as a training camp for RAF tradesmen.

What kind of work does Kirkham prison do?

Kirkham is an open men’s prison, and holds Category D prisoners who can reasonably be trusted to serve their sentence in open conditions. Kirkham provides morning and afternoon education provided by The Manchester College. Offenders are also employed in the prison’s kitchen, workshops, farms and gardens…

Who are the two inmates who escaped from HMP Kirkham?

Two inmates have escaped from HMP Kirkham by climbing the perimeter fence. Lancashire Police is searching for Kearon Hunte, 31, who is originally from Leeds and had been jailed for six years for drugs offences.

When did Kirkham prison start Intermittent Custody Scheme?

In January 2004 Kirkham became the first prison in England (along with HMP Morton Hall) to trial the Intermittent Custody Scheme. The scheme saw some inmates held at Kirkham from Monday to Friday (released at weekends), while another set of prisoners were held on Saturdays and Sundays (released during the week).

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