How do I send mail to Stateville Correctional Center?

How do I send mail to Stateville Correctional Center?

Facility Address

  1. Business Mail: 16830 So. Broadway Street. P.O. Box 112. Joliet, IL 60434.
  2. Inmate Mail: Inmate Name & IDOC# P.O. Box 112. Joliet, IL 60434.
  3. Phone: (815) 727-3607.
  4. Fax: (815) 727-5511.

Is Fox River State Penitentiary real?

Fox River State Penitentiary is a fictional level-one maximum-security prison featured prominently in the first season (and briefly in the second season) of the television series Prison Break. The real-life representation of the prison is Joliet Prison, which is located in Joliet, Illinois.

What is Stateville NRC?

Stateville Northern Reception and Classification center is the largest intake facility within the Illinois Department of Corrections. Nearly 2,000 male inmates cycle in and out of the facility each month. In addition to handling intake, NRC manages court and medical writ inmates, and contains a Minimum Security Unit.

How much does it cost to house a prisoner in Illinois?

Illinois spends an estimated $22,000 in operational expenses to incarcerate one person for a year. [1] This figure rises to $37,000 when accounting for capital costs and employee benefits, including pensions.

What does reception mean in jail?

While in Reception Center, the inmates are given a phone call within the first week and every month thereafter as part of the Reception process. These calls will be made collect to the account the family sets up, and are monitored by the institution. They can also receive mail and writing supplies.

How much do inmates get paid Illinois?

The program operates in 17 of the state’s two dozen prisons, and state agencies purchase about 97 percent of the products and services, Illinois Corrections Department spokeswoman Nicole Wilson said. Inmates can earn between 30 cents and $2.25 an hour.

How many days shall the inmate remain in Reception and Diagnostic Center after the quarantine period?

60 days
Dela Rosa said once Palparan arrives at the NBP, he will go to Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC) and will stay there for 60 days.

Can you use Internet in jail?

Internet use in prisons allows inmates to communicate with the outside. However much like the use of mobile phones in prison, internet access without supervision, via a smartphone, is banned for all inmates.

Can a felon write an inmate?

Yes if you not on parole.

How much does commissary cost in jail?

Incarcerated people spent an average of $947 per person, per year, in the three sampled states. Spending did not seem to vary based on whether the commissary operator was private (as in Massachusetts) or state-run (in Illinois and Washington).

How much money does an inmate need for commissary?

In order to live comfortably, I would suggest an amount between $120 and $200 per month. This would allow for food virtually every day of the week and luxury items when desired, even if not the maximum amount allowed to be spent in a given month.

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