What is procreative and unitive?

What is procreative and unitive?

unitive and procreative aspects of both marriage and sexual intercourse together. The unitive aspect of marriage yokes the couple through shared life, while unitive. sexuality involves genital intercourse and a holistic union of two sexual beings. Even without intercourse, the marriage is a unitive sacrament.

What does unitive mean in the Catholic Church?

adjective Having the power of uniting; causing, or tending to produce, union.

What is the conjugal act?

The conjugal act is ordered to procreation; being procreative constitutes its very essence and meaning. But if a conjugal act is infecund, and therefore deprived of a good to which the act is ordered, it is not thereby an immoral act.

What is procreative function?

connected with or related to producing young animals or babies: Sex of course has a procreative function. It was argued that the purpose of marriage laws is to regulate procreative conduct.

What does unitive mean?

: characterized by or tending to produce union.

What does unitive purpose mean?

adjective. capable of causing unity or serving to unite. marked by or involving union.

What is conjugal property?

Conjugal property is property that belongs to both spouses. The family home is often part of conjugal property. When you marry, part or all of your property becomes conjugal property. Part or all of your spouse’s property also becomes conjugal property.

What is the meaning of procreative?

: to beget or bring forth (offspring) : propagate. intransitive verb. : to beget or bring forth offspring : reproduce.

What procreative means?

1 : capable of procreating : generative. 2 : of, relating to, or directed toward procreation the procreative process procreative instincts.

How are marital, unitive and procreative meanings interrelated?

All three meanings, found in the proper moral object of every moral sexual act, are interrelated. The unitive meaning is ordered toward the marital meaning. In fact, this union is necessary for the consummation of the marriage. And the unitive meaning is ordered toward the procreative meaning. For the type of act must be open to life.

What is the meaning of the word unitive?

The unitive meaning is a specific type of physical union, the sexual union of a man and a woman in natural intercourse. This type of sexual act is in harmony with, and ordered toward, the other meanings: marital and procreative.

Is the procreative dimension separate from the unitive dimension?

With the introduction of a contraceptive means (artificial or not) to the marital act, the procreative dimension is purposefully suppressed and ignored. The unitive dimension, therefore, is separated from the procreative.

Is the sacrament of marriage both unitive and procreative?

Recall that in two previous issues, we have examined our belief concerning the sacrament of marriage and the beautiful expression of marital love, which is both unitive and procreative. Both dimensions are intrinsically good and inherent to the act of marriage.

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