What is Russian sable coat?

What is Russian sable coat?

Sable Furs Chinchilla, fox, lynx, mink and sable. The most refined is the Russian sable, also called Sobol (that comes from the heraldic term sable which indicates the black color). The Canadian sable fur is less valuable and is also known with the name of marten.

How do I identify a Russian sable fur?

The finest Russian sable is deep brown with silver tips that can give it an almost blue coloring. There is also golden sable that takes on a reddish brown appearance in some lights. Feel the texture of the sable. The pelts have dense and even patterns that give them a silkier feel than other furs, including mink.

What color is a sable fur coat?

Sable skin color varies from light brown to dark brown. As in any other fur, there is a hierarchy among sables. The most expensive type of sable is Barguzinsky dark color with gray hairs. Yenisei species of sable – firmly stands on the second place in cost.

How much is a sable coat?

Barguzinsky sable is the most valued one and can reach up to 150.000 USD for a knee-length coat. The amount of silver-gray colored tips is proportional to the value of pelts. Canadian sable can start from 3000 USD for a knee-length coat.

What does sable look like?

Sables are dark-furred creatures that look similar to weasels. They have short legs, elongated bodies, and relatively long tails. Their thick fur is usually brown or black, but they have a lighter patch on their throats. Most of these creatures measure about a foot and a half in length, though their size does range.

Is sable fur expensive?

Sable Fur. Sable has been the fur of choice for royals since the Middle Ages. Reserved exclusively for members of the nobility in several instances, Russian sable fur remains an extraordinarily precious, lavish, and expensive material! A sable fur coat can cost from $10.000 to 500.000!

What is the value of a sable fur?

The sable coat, in particular, is a symbol of status and is one of the most coveted types of fur coats. There are American and Canadian versions of the sable coat, but the Russian version is the most valuable. Prices for the full-length Siberian sable fur coat today can cost around $100,000 or 3,185,850 rubles.

How much is a sable fur worth?

How much is a Russian sable?

What are the most expensive fur coats?

One single pelt can cost from 150 to 350 USD, and 50-60 sables are required to make one full-length coat! Now, 4 years later from this enormous creation of Karl Lagerfeld , the sable coat remains the most expensive fur coat ever made!

What is a Russian sable coat worth?

Russian Sable Coat with Wave Pattern Excellent Condition Retail $300,000.00. About. This custom Russian Sable coat is made of finest Russian Sable. This ultra supple coat features a large collar with beautifully patterned pelts that flow in a waved design. There are center front hook and closures, and side pockets.

What is a Russian sable coat?

However,sable fur is commonly thought as Russian because it’s the main material in coats making in this region. For a long time this fur was the statement of wealth, luxury and fashion. However it costs a fortune to buy a genuine sable coat. Sables may look like the marten family animals, but they have longer ears and head.

What is a sable fur?

Sable fur is actually marten fur. The sable is an animal that’s part of the weasel family that’s native to America, Asia, and Europe. However, sable fur is synonymous to Russian fur.

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