Are brogues feminine?

Are brogues feminine?

No question, despite the brogue shoe’s very masculine origins, it nonetheless boasts a real universality when it comes to women’s fashion; so many garments and items in your wardrobe are compatible with this footwear choice – just as much as they are with winter boots, for instance.

What is a brogue style shoe?

What Is a Brogue Shoe? Brogues, from the Gaelic word bróg meaning “shoe,” refers to any low-heeled shoe, loafer, or boot with hole perforations on the leather uppers (top of the shoe), known as broguing, and serrated edges alongside the seam of the shoe.

Are brogues in fashion?

However, brogues are often overlooked by the modern gent: yes, they are more casual than formal dress shoes, and are a touch more show-y too. But, there are so many types of brogues on the market, from traditional shoemakers to luxury brands, that there’s definitely a brogue out there for you.

Are brogue shoes formal?

Are brogue shoes formal? In the past, brogues are considered an outdoor shoe and not acceptable for formal occasions. Today, you can wear brogues with business attire and other formal wear.

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