Who owns King and Duke atlanta?

Who owns King and Duke atlanta?

Ford Fry
Then there’s King + Duke, the most ambitious of the new arrivals, which establishes Ford Fry—chef-owner of JCT Kitchen & Bar, No.

Who owns Superica Atlanta?

Serial restaurateur Ford Fry plans to rebrand both The El Felix Tex-Mex restaurants at the Battery Atlanta and Avalon in Alpharetta to Superica later this fall.

When did King and Duke open?

Since opening in 2013, the unique King + Duke has become one of Atlanta’s best-reviewed restaurants, with acclaim from Esquire, GQ Magazine, USA Today and Garden & Gun prominently highlighted on its website.

Whats the difference between a duke and a king?

As nouns the difference between king and duke is that king is a male monarch; a man who heads a monarchy if it’s an absolute monarchy, then he is the supreme ruler of his nation or king can be (chinese musical instrument) while duke is the male ruler of a duchy (compare duchess ).

Is El Felix the same as Superica?

El Felix becomes Superica and other metro Atlanta dining news from the week. These are the stories that created a buzz on the metro Atlanta dining scene this week: Ford Fry’s Tex-Mex restaurant El Felix, which has locations at Battery Atlanta in Cobb County and Avalon in Alpharetta, have transitioned to Superica.

When did the optimist open in Atlanta?

It’s getting fishy in West Midtown. Ford Fry, the Atlanta chef who founded the popular JCT Kitchen, has announced a name for his new Westside fish camp restaurant: The Optimist, set to open in the spring of 2012.

Why did El Felix change to Superica?

“As part of the same Rocket Farm Restaurants family and with similar menus and Tex-Mex-rooted identities, we’ve decided to streamline the brands that are already parallel at their cores,” according a press release.

Why did El Felix change their name?

The change comes from the company wanting to streamline its branding, with the name being the only difference.

Where is King and Duke restaurant in Atlanta?

King + Duke is a chef-owned restaurant that is part of Atlanta’s Ford Fry restaurant group. It offers a seasonal dining experience in the heart of Buckhead.

Who is the owner of King and Duke?

Named after characters in Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, chef-owner Ford Fry’s King+Duke nods to classic literature and American traditions offering a seasonal, locally sourced dining experience in the heart of Buckhead. We have two areas that can accommodate large parties.

Who is the chef at King and Duke?

Centered around a 24-foot, open hearth, King+Duke focuses on old world, open-fire cooking that lets the ingredients speak for themselves. Executive Chef Eddie Barrett’s passion for sustainable ingredients and age-old technique shines through every dish.

Where is the valet drop off at King and Duke?

The valet drop off is located off Peachtree Road and Buckhead Avenue; turn right at the first stop sign and pull forward until you see valet. We are happy to validate your parking to offer a reduced price of $2.00, however, we are unable to validate self-parking options.

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