How do you get to West Bay Roatan?

How do you get to West Bay Roatan?

Transportation. You can reach West Bay from all transportation hubs (international airport, ferry, and both cruise ship docks) via taxi or rental car. You do not need a rental car if you are staying in West Bay Beach as you can stay alongside the beach and walk to get to everything.

Is West Bay Honduras safe?

Sandy Bay, West End, and West Bay are the safest parts of the island. Avoid walking alone at night, or even on the beach with your loved one when darkness descends.

How do water taxis work in Roatan?

Boats around Roatan Water taxis run between West End and West Bay for $3 per person (minimum of 4 people to run the route, so you may have to wait for others to join). If you’re staying somewhere in West End, West Bay, or Sandy Bay with a dock, you can usually get a ride directly there for a higher negotiated rate.

How long does it take to drive from one end of Roatan to the other?

It’s all here in Roatán. This is the largest and most populated of the Bay Islands 30 miles off the coast of mainland Honduras. About 38 miles long, and 5 miles wide at its widest, it takes a couple of hours to get from one end to the other thanks to roads that wind around its hilly and mountainous interior.

What is West Bay Beach known for?

West Bay Beach is known as being Roatan’s finest beach, primarily for its ample diving and snorkeling opportunities—more on that later—but what many people often overlook, is that West Bay Beach is a world-class beach for so many other reasons.

How much do you tip in Roatan?

Short version: yes, you’re supposed to tip on Roatan. 10%-20%.

What is the best time of year to visit Roatan?

May and September are probably the best months to visit Roatan since the weather is great and the island is not overcrowded with fellow tourists. If you wish to visit the island at the peak of its season, consider booking a ticket during the holidays such as New Years and Christmas. During this time of year.

Do you need a car on Roatan?

Roatan is a small island. Yet because it is long, you almost need a car if you want to explore the island. This is especially true if you want to see the “real” Roatan in the East End of the island. It turns out that when you rent a car, they will but some of your funds on hold.

What is the best way to get around Roatan?

Taxis are an affordable and easy way to get around Roatan. During the day, passengers can choose between a privado (direct service) trip or colectivos (sharing a taxi) reduced fare type of ride. After 6pm, taxis generally cost slightly more. It is always good idea to clarify the price with the driver before you get in.

Can I move to Roatan?

You can move your belongings to Roatan either by boat or on a plane. There’s a small airport but flights are only on weekends and space is often limited. You can fly to the capital and then opt for a transfer flight. Most people prefer to bring in items by boat.

How long is West Bay Beach?

Here the mighty Chesil Beach – 18 miles long, born from landslides that eroded after the last ice age around 20,000 years ago – finds its western end. In summer the shingle hosts the sound of laughter and the smell of BBQs.

Where is the day pass at Roatan West Bay?

The drive is about 20 minutes from Coxen Hole pier and 45 minutes from Mahogany Bay pier. This is a good Roatan Beach Resort Day Pass Excursion for everyone in your group looking to get away and have some fun in the sun. A complimentary welcome beverage will be waiting for you – one per participant, choose from local beer, soft drink or well drink.

Is there wind at West Bay in Roatan?

For starters, the wind usually blows from the south on Roatan, and West Bay is on the northern shore which is protected from the wind. That makes the diving conditions on West Bay ideal almost all year round. The reef formation off the shore of West Bay is filled with canyons and crevices, and swim-throughs.

Where to go for a day in Roatan?

A nice Roatan Excursion, enjoy a day on a relaxing tropical beach at the famous West Bay Bananarama Resort Beach with round-trip transportation from your ship’s port included! Tour was fun, except for the misunderstanding about returning to the ship.

Is there a water taxi at West Bay?

The water taxi takes you to West End Water Taxi Association in West End. It takes longer to get to West End from West Bay via ground transportation. Also, the water taxies operate 24-hours a day. West Bay Beach is unique as its located on the Western side of the island.

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