How many Doctor Who audio dramas are there?

How many Doctor Who audio dramas are there?

The Doctor Who Audio Dramas have produced 172 stories spanning 35 seasons. Currently, 52 stories and two individual episodes have been made available for download.

What are the best Doctor Who Big Finish audio dramas?

Here are their 20 most popular Doctor Who adventures from two decades of time and space travel…

  • 1999 – The Sirens of Time. The story that started it all!
  • 2000 – The Genocide Machine.
  • 2001 – Storm Warning.
  • 2002 – Spare Parts.
  • 2003 – Zagreus.
  • 2004 – The Harvest.
  • 2005 – Terror Firma.
  • 2006 – Blood of the Daleks.

Where should I start with Big Finish Doctor Who?

You could start with the very first Big Finish Doctor Who story, The Sirens of Time, featuring the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors.

How many Big Finish Doctor Who episodes are there?


Series Seasons Episodes
The Eighth Doctor Adventures 23 110
The Companion Chronicles 13 100
The Stageplays 1 3

How long are Big Finish Doctor Who stories?

Big Finish began their Doctor Who range with a series of monthly full-cast dramas in four twenty five-minute episode format, mirroring the format commonly used by the original TV series. Releases featured the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and, from 2001 on, Eighth Doctors, all portrayed by their original actors.

What comes after zagreus?


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Master The Roof of the World

How long are Big Finish audio dramas?

There were eight 50-minute episodes in total; the first and last stories were two-parters, and the rest were single episodes. These adventures have since been released on CD.

Who voices the second doctor in big finish?

Patrick Troughton
The Doctor

Character TV actor BF years
First Doctor William Hartnell 2014-present
Second Doctor Patrick Troughton 2010-present
Third Doctor Jon Pertwee 2013-present
Fourth Doctor Tom Baker 2006

Who are the writers of Big Finish doctor who?

Big Finish Doctor Who is a long-running and ongoing audio series by Big Finish, with Nicholas Briggs as the current Show Runner. The series is written and produced by much of the regular Doctor Who crew.

Is there a Thirteenth Doctor in Big Finish?

Big Finish’s current licence from the BBC allows it to produce audio dramas featuring the first twelve incarnations of the Doctor and associated characters introduced into the series between 1963 and 2017. However, it does not allow the use of the current Thirteenth Doctor ( Jodie Whittaker ), or any characters which originate from her era.

When did the Eighth Doctor audio play start?

The Eighth Doctor Adventures (2007–) In 2006 Big Finish began a standalone range of audio plays featuring the Eighth Doctor. These stories were set after his travels with Charley Pollard and C’rizz in the main range, which were subsequently ended.

Who are the actors in the doctor who audio dramas?

The canonicity of the audio dramas, as with other Doctor Who spin-off media, is unclear. To date, productions have featured the Fourth (Tom Baker), Fifth (Peter Davison), Sixth (Colin Baker), Seventh (Sylvester McCoy), Eighth (Paul McGann), War (Sir John Hurt) and Tenth (David Tennant) Doctors portrayed by their original actors.

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