How do you become an AEA?

How do you become an AEA?

The easiest way to join AEA is with a contract. If you land a role in an Equity production (by getting an audition through an agent or friend, or through an “open call” audition), a producer can offer you an Equity contract, for which you must pay the initiation fee and annual dues.

How much do non-Equity actors make?

Non-union companies do not establish a mandatory minimum salary, but many strive to negotiate weekly stipends that are similar to the lowest tier for union actors. Thus, typical stipends range from ​$200 to $300​ a week.

Is there a youth Shakespeare Company in Chicago?

The Chicago Youth Shakespeare Ensemble (CYSE), is the city of Chicago’s only professional youth Shakespeare company, offering teen artists ages 14 -19 the opportunity to train, collaborate, and perform Shakespeare’s plays while earning a stipend…. Read More

When do the Chicago Opera Auditions take place?

Chicago Opera Theater announces auditions for its 2022-2023 season, held in Chicago. The number of audition slots is limited and auditions will be granted based on references, submitted materials, and available roles. If granted an audition, singers can expect to be assigned a specific time slot by August 2.

How to post an audition for no cost?

Theatre companies or casting agencies who wish to have an audition posted for NO COST may send the notices to [email protected]. We offer our audition listing services FREE of charge to both the theatre companies and the actors to help support the great Chicago theatre community.

Where to audition for Our Town in Chicago?

The Theater Lab, a District 214 Community Education program, is proud to announce open auditions for the American classic Our Town. The Theater Lab encourages performers of all backgrounds and experience to audition. Friendly, collaborative-minded company.

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