How does the M57 firing device work?

How does the M57 firing device work?

The M57 Electrical Firing Device for a Claymore mine is a green plastic rectangular shape with handle at the top. When the handle is pressed and hits the button the device produces a double (one positive, one negative) 3 volt electric pulse of energy to fire the electric blasting cap.

What is a claymore Clacker?

The M57 firing device (colloquially referred to as the “clacker”) is included with each mine. An M40 circuit test set is packed in each case of six mines. When the mines are daisy-chained together, one firing device can detonate several mines. The mine can be detonated by any mechanism that activates the blasting cap.

How much C4 is in a Claymore mine?

A Claymore mine is a military weapon containing approximately1. 5 pounds of C4 plastic explosive and embedded approximately 700 steel ball bearings. It is engineered as a directional antipersonnel weapon to inflict death or serious bodily injury over a large area.

Do claymore mines have lasers?

For some reason, claymore mines in video games are always set to go off when someone walks in front of the little lasers attached to the front. In real life, mines like those do exist, but they aren’t used on the battlefield. Typically, real claymore mines are detonated with a wire and switch.

Are Claymores motion sensor?

The compact camera unit is mounted atop the mine, enabling command-detonation upon proper identification of the target. A motion-detecting sensor can be added to ensure that no one sneaks past the mine and there’s even an option to record video feedback with GPS positioning.

What is a military Clacker?

The M57 firing device (colloquially known as “clacker”) is the firing devices used with the M18A1 Claymore, as well as many other military explosives. The M18A1 Claymore is currently approved for export from the United States.

Are Claymores illegal?

The United States first produced Claymore mines in 1960 and has since produced 7.8 million of them for a cost of $122 million. When used in command-detonated mode, Claymores are permissible under the Mine Ban Treaty. When used in victim-activated mode, usually with a tripwire, they are prohibited.

Are you safe behind a Claymore?

The M18A1 has the same basic capabilities as antipersonnel mines and can be used in most situations where other types of antipersonnel mines are employed. The electrical firing device issued with the M18 CLAYMORE is not safe.

How close can you stand behind a Claymore?

The Claymore projects a fan-shaped pattern of steel balls in a 60-degree horizontal arc, at a maximum height of 2 meters, and covers a casualty radius of 100 meters. The optimum effective range (the range at which the most desirable balance is achieved between lethality and area coverage) is 50 meters.

Can you disarm a claymore?

To Disarm the Mine: From the cover of the firing position, move the “Safety” to the “On” position. Disconnect the M57 firing device from the blasting cap wire. Carefully remove the Shipping Plug – Priming Adaptor and the blasting cap from the detonator well.

Are you safe behind a claymore?

What kind of weapon is a claymore?

A claymore (/ˈkleɪmɔːr/; from Scottish Gaelic: claidheamh-mòr, “great sword”) is either the Scottish variant of the late medieval two-handed sword or the Scottish variant of the basket-hilted sword.

What kind of training system does a claymore use?

Low Training Time. M68 Training System also available. The M68 includes a functional M57 Firing Device and M40 Test Set which are used with inert weapon body & blasting cap to simulate complete setup, test, and operation. COMMAND CONTROLLED. The M18A1 Claymore is currently approved for export from the United States.

Is the M18A1 Claymore approved for export?

COMMAND CONTROLLED. The M18A1 Claymore is currently approved for export from the United States. (Subject to State Department license approval) Many countries have elected to retain Claymore-type weapons in their inventory because they do not pose a lingering hazard to civilians.

How big is the M57 antipersonnel mine?

The M57 device is 4 inches long, approximately 1 1/2 inches wide, 3 1/4 inches high, and weighs three-fourths of a pound. On one end of the firing device is a rubber connecting plug with a dust cover. The M57 firing device is shown in figure 5.

What is the M7 bandoleer made out of?

The M7 bandoleer ( fig. 2) is constructed of water resistant canvas (olive-drab color) and has snap fasteners which secure the flap. The bandoleer has two pockets; one pocket contains the mine and the other contains a firing device, a test set, and an electric blasting cap assembly.

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