How can I check my driving Licence status in Bangalore?

How can I check my driving Licence status in Bangalore?

Steps to do a Driving Licence Online Check in Bangalore

  1. Step 1: Visit
  2. Step 3: Click on the “Driving Licence Related Services” tab.
  3. Step 4: Choose the State from the drop down menu.
  4. Step 5: Click on the “Application Status” tab on the far right.

How can I check my DL status in Karnataka?

Here is how you check the status of your driving licence in Karnataka through the Sarathi website. Go to Hover above the “Online Services” tab or click on the button. Click on the “Driving Licence Related Services” tab.

How can I download driving Licence in Karnataka?

How to Obtain Learning License in Karnataka?

  1. Visit
  2. Click on learning license on the left.
  3. Click on sarathi 3 and you will be redirected to
  4. Fill out the form with appropriate details.
  5. Upload the documents online.
  6. Pay the application fees.
  7. Visit the RTO to book the LL test slot.

How can I get driving Licence in Bangalore?

You can apply for a driving licence online in Bangalore by following the below steps:

  1. Visit the Karnataka Transport official website or Sarathi website.
  2. Download the “Application of Driving Licence” Form.
  3. Once you have downloaded the form, the next step is to fill the Form.
  4. Fill the required details.

How do I collect my smart DL?

After creating your account/login in, navigate to the Driving License tab on the top navigation bar. Tap on the blue SMART DL APPOINTMENT button. A new tab will be opened and you will be required to input your ID number, phone number and KRA PIN.

How can I get driving Licence online in Bangalore?

How do I know if my license is ready for collections?

Check Through Short SMS Another effective method you can use to check if your driving licence is ready for collection is by use of a short code SMS. By sending your ID number to 22846 you will receive a confirmation message notifying you the availability of your driving licence.

How long does it take to get DL in Bangalore?

Visit the Karnataka Transport Department official website to check the status of the Driving Licence. Use your application number and Date of birth to check for the status. Talking about Bangalore, it will take about 40 days to receive the driving licence.

How to check your driving licence status in Bangalore?

The driving licence information is one such item, but that wait time is constantly being reduced thanks to technology upgrades. In Bangalore, if you wish to check your driving licence status, you can do so through either the Transport Department website or the Parivahan website.

How long is a DL licence valid in Karnataka?

Facts about Driving Licence (DL) Status in Karnataka: There are a few facts about the driving licence status in India that must be known by all applicants as well as all driving licence holders in Karnataka as well as in the country. A driving licence is valid for a maximum of 20 years from the date of the issuance.

How to check DL application status in Parivahan?

Now open parivahan driving service tab and select main menu to Application Status. Open Like a form and enter your application number, Date of Birth and fill captch code. After enter all details click on submit button and show your application status on your screen.

How to check driving licence status in Sarthi Parivahan?

Sarthi Parivahan website will show status after 30 days after successful application submitted. when you check application status you need to application number and date of birth. Driving Licence validity is 20 year after you need to renewal your driving licence. Driving licence valide all over India.

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