Where is zipcode 00820?

Where is zipcode 00820?

Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands

What is the zip code in Christiansted?

Christiansted/Zip codes

What is the zip code for St Croix Virgin Island?

Vi – postal codes

Place Code
1 Christiansted 00820
2 Christiansted 00821

Is VI a state?

The United States Virgin Islands, officially the Virgin Islands of the United States, are a group of Caribbean islands and an unincorporated and organized territory of the United States….United States Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands of the United States
Trad. abbreviation U.S.V.I.
ISO 3166 code VI US-VI
Internet TLD .vi

What county is Christiansted VI in?

Christiansted, VI belongs to St. Croix county. Check the list of St.

Does the Virgin Islands have a zip code?

Virgin Islands Zip Codes 2020 The US Virgin Islands consist of 5 islands, which are Saint Croix, Vieques, Saint Thomas, Saint John and Culebra. As of January 2019, the islands have 16 zip codes, which are listed below with the respective city, town, village or location name as well as the area code.

Where can I find the ZIP code 00820?

Zip Code 00820, Christiansted, VI. Get all this data for every U.S. ZIP Code in 1 easy to use database. Map the boundaries of this ZIP Code and others on any map platform.

How many ZIP codes are there in Texas?

Texas Covers 2598 ZIP Codes. ZIP Code. City. County. Type. ZIP Code 73301. Austin. Travis. Unique.

What are the ZIP Codes of Austin Texas?

ZIP Code Type Common Cities County Area Codes 73301 Unique Austin Travis County Area Code 512 73344 Unique Austin Travis County Area Code 512 73960 PO Box Texhoma Sherman County 75001 Standard Addison Dallas County

What is the ZIP code for Carrollton TX?

County Type ZIP Code 73301 Austin Travis Unique ZIP Code 73344 Austin Travis Unique ZIP Code 73960 Texhoma Sherman P.O. Box ZIP Code 75001 Addison Dallas Standard ZIP Code 75002 Allen Collin Standard ZIP Code 75006 Carrollton Dallas Standard ZIP Code 75007 Carrollton Denton Standard ZIP Code 75009 Celina Collin Standard ZIP Code 75010 Carrollton

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