How do I send my state record fish to Florida?

How do I send my state record fish to Florida?

Submission Requirements for Florida Saltwater Fishing Records

  1. The angler is responsible for submitting a complete application form.
  2. Information for witnesses to the catch and weighing must be recorded on the application form.
  3. The angler’s signature on a completed application form must be witnessed by a notary.

How do I know if I caught a Florida state record fish?

Anglers can check the current state records at by clicking on “State Record,” and should notify the nearest FWC regional office if they believe they have caught a record fish.

What’s the biggest fish caught in Delaware?

largemouth bass
Klein landed a largemouth bass weighing 11.10 pounds from Wagamons Pond near Milton, Del. and was certified as the new Delaware state record largemouth bass. The fish was 27 inches long and had a girth of 20 1/2 inches.

What’s the largest crappie caught in Florida?

3.83 pounds
Record Fish

Species Weight Angler
Black Crappie 3.83 pounds Ben Curry, Sr.
Flier 1.35 pounds Twila Gates
Bluegill 2.95 pounds John LeMaster
Redbreast Sunfish 2.08 pounds Jerrel Dewees, Jr.

What is the biggest fish ever caught in Florida?

Florida fisherman reels in a 69-pound flathead catfish, the biggest ever caught in the state.

What is the biggest bass ever caught in Florida?

17.27 pounds
Florida and California figure to be the likeliest states to produce a world-record bass. The unofficial Florida state-record largemouth weighed 20.13 pounds and was caught in Big Fish Lake in Pasco County in 1923. The official state record is 17.27 pounds, caught in in Polk County in 1986.

How do you prove a fish is recorded?

To prove it you’ll need to send in at least 50 feet of the line that you used. This is the only way to qualify for a line class record. Pictures and other documentation will also be required. You may need signed statements from witnesses as well.

What do I do if I think I caught a record fish?

Quickly return to shore and weigh your fish on an IGFA certified scale with the help of several witnesses. Make sure to take plenty of photos and measurements so the judges can verify that the catch is genuine. Then, mail in a completed application form with a 50 foot sample of your line and leader to the IGFA.

What is the biggest flounder caught in Delaware?

17 lbs. 15 ozs
State Record Holders

Species Weight Angler
Flounder 17 lbs. 15 ozs. William Kendall
Kingfish 4 lbs. Billy Hastings
Mackerel, Atlantic 3 lbs. 5 ozs. Ricky Yakimowicz

Are there blue catfish in the Delaware River?

Blue Catfish have been reported in the Delaware River, the Nanticoke River, and in the Christina River. Blue Catfish are primarily large-river fish, occurring at channel drop-offs and creek mouths.

What is the biggest freshwater fish in Florida?

Gar, Alligator. The largest Gar is the Alligator Gar which can reach 10 feet and weigh 200 pounds and is the largest freshwater fish in North America.

How long is a 2lb crappie?


Length Bluegill Black Crappie
Weight Weight
13″ 2 lb. 3 oz. 1 lb. 6 oz.
13.5″ 2 lb. 7 oz. 1 lb. 9 oz.
14″ 2 lb. 12 oz. 1 lb. 12 oz.

How do you check a state record fish?

If an angler believes they have caught a state record fish, they should check the current state records listed below. Next, weigh the fish on a scale, take clear photos of the fish with the scale weight legible, and be prepared to text or email the photos for initial verification.

Is there a redeye bass record in Florida?

This record was certified prior to those studies being conducted. This fish was weighed on a postal scale and witnessed, but an FWC (or GFC) biologist did not document it at the time to establish an official record. At one time it was believed redeye bass existed in panhandle Florida.

How to certify a new Florida State record?

To properly certify a new Florida state record, an FWC biologist must identify the fish species, and an FWC employee — usually but not necessarily the same individual — must witness its weighing on a certified scale. Contact information for FWC regional offices can be found at by clicking on “Contact Regional offices.”

What’s the state record for largemouth bass in Wisconsin?

Having fished in Wisconsin for a while, I’m shocked the State Largemouth Bass Record is over 11 lbs, as I didn’t know double-digit LMBs even existed there! How useful was this post? Click on a star to rate it!

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