How is a week defined under EU drivers hours?

How is a week defined under EU drivers hours?

Explanation: The rules define a week as a period between 00.00 hours on Monday and 24.00 hours the following Sunday. You must make sure that you don’t exceed any weekly driving limit.

Which are more important EU drivers hours of working time rules?

EU Driver’s Hours Rules As a rule, you can drive no more than for nine hours a day – however you can increase this to ten hours twice a week with a maximum of weekly driving limit 56 hours. The easiest way to not fall foul of this is five days of just nine hours each week. If only it was that simple!

What are EC rules?

Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 provides a common set of EU rules for maximum daily and fortnightly driving times, as well as daily and weekly minimum rest periods for all drivers of road haulage and passenger transport vehicles, subject to specified exceptions and national derogations.

What are HGV drivers hours?

Under current regulations HGV drivers can only drive for nine hours per day and this must be broken up by a break of at least 45 minutes after 4.5 hours of driving. This driving limit can be increased to ten hours twice a week, with a maximum weekly driving limit set at 56 hours.

Does period of availability count as working time?

There is no ‘opt-out’ for individuals wishing to work longer than an average 48-hour week, but breaks and ‘periods of availability’ do not count as working time. Generally speaking, a period of availability ( POA ) is waiting time, the duration of which must be known in advance.

What is the 9 hour rule?

The main EU rules on driving hours are that you must not drive more than: 9 hours in a day – this can be extended to 10 hours twice a week. 56 hours in a week. 90 hours in any 2 consecutive weeks.

What is classed as working time for a driver?

Working time or driver hours can be classed as the time spent carrying out duties that are linked to your transport operation, and there are many things that this would include, for example, – Driving. – Loading and unloading. – Industry specific driver training.

What are EU driving hours?

What are the EC drivers?

The EC Driver Licence programme is designed for individuals over the age of 25, and who have at least 2 years Class B driving experience, who aspire to be trained to operate an articulated heavy vehicle/truck, and pursue a career as a professional truck driver.

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