Can you swim at the St Pete pier?

Can you swim at the St Pete pier?

Touted as the Southeast’s largest waterfront playground, the St. Pete Pier District offers plenty to do – and so much room to roam in its beautiful public green spaces. Swim, stroll or read a book at Spa Beach. Walk, bike or rollerblade along the waterfront and enjoy great views of the marina and city skyline.

Does it cost money to go to St Pete Pier?

Is there an admission fee? There is no charge to enter the Pier District. Most events are free to the public; however, there will be ticketed special events planned throughout the year.

How much did the St Pete pier net cost?

PETERSBURG — Now that the Pier District has made its triumphant debut, it’s time to tally the cost. The project, which started out with a $50 million budget, will now top out “in the neighborhood of $93 million,” city architect Raul Quintana said.

Does St Pete Pier have a beach?

The Pier also has a splash pad area and a beach. Yup, there’s a beach at the St. Pete Pier!

How long did it take to build St. Pete Pier?

Today, after three years of construction, the new 26-acre Pier District opens to the public. Unlike previous piers where all activity took place at the pier head, the new St. Pete Pier is activated along its entire length. The new pier needs to be experienced in person.

When did St Pete pier open?

Saint Petersburg Pier/Opened

How long is the St Petersburg Pier?

3,000 feet
With a length of 3,000 feet and multiple routes to the pier head, runners and bikers will be in heaven. But don’t worry, there are plenty of areas to take in some shade too.

How many murals are in St Petersburg?

More than 400 murals look out onto the St. Pete landscape. And there are multiple arts organizations in the city that are looking out for them. “Florida Craft Art got involved with the murals back in 2015,” said Janie Lorenz.

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