Where is Plushenko now?

Where is Plushenko now?

Plushenko officially retired in 2017 and, after decades of competing and performing, the 37-year-old is now focused on a full-time coaching career at his school in Moscow.

Who is Sasha Plushenko?

Six-year-old Alexander ‘Sasha’ Plushenko is the second-born son of legendary former Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko and is primed for greatness. Despite his tender age, he has already starred in 20 major shows and commands a permanent position on his father’s popular The Nutcracker-2 ice show.

How old are Evgeni Plushenko’s sons Egor and Sasha?

On the anniversary of her death Evgeni Plushenko spent time with his son from his first marriage, 10-year-old Egor and Sasha, born in the marriage to Yana Rudkovskaya. Famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko shared on Twitter a rare picture in which he is shown with his two sons – the elder Egor and a younger Sasha.

Who is father of Russian figure skater Sasha Plushenko?

Sasha has been in the spotlight almost all his life – becoming a fashion model before his first birthday and taking to the ice while still in nappies. He is now being groomed for figure skating stardom by father Yevgeny Plushenko, a four-times Olympic medalist who won the European championships seven times.

When was Evgeni Plushenko married to Maria Ermak?

On 18 June 2005, Plushenko married Maria Ermak, a sociology student at the Saint Petersburg State University, in a ceremony at the Hotel Astoria in Saint Petersburg. Their son, Egor Evgenievich (originally Kristian), was born on 15 June 2006.

When did Kirill Plushenko and Dima Bilan get married?

Their son, Egor Evgenievich (originally Kristian), was born on 15 June 2006. In February 2008, they were officially divorced. In August 2009, Plushenko announced his engagement to Yana Rudkovskaya, the record producer for Russian singer Dima Bilan. They were married on 12 September 2009.

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