How do I speed up my uncap cable?

How do I speed up my uncap cable?

The only way to “uncap” your Internet connection is to pay your ISP more money.

What is uncapping a modem?

Uncapping cable modems refers to activities performed to alter a DOCSIS cable modems settings. Plain and simple someone is messing with the cable modem’s configuration file to get what they want. Caps make it easier for cable operators to distribute bandwidth among its users.

How do I access cable modem settings?

Launch a web browser from a computer or mobile device that is connected to your network. Enter Enter your cable modem or modem router’s user name and password. The user name is admin.

What is Haxorware?

With the advent of a new hacked cable modem firmware called Haxorware, the modem was able to create and use completely fictitious self- signed certificates. Haxorware picked up where Sigma left off and could be considered the second revolution in cable modem hacking.

How do I access my modem through WiFi?

Accessing your wireless modem is as simple as opening your browser of choice and typing in the default IP address to access the router.

  1. Open the administrator portal to your router.
  2. Enter your your login and password.
  3. Update applicable wireless information.

Can you clone cable modem MAC address?

When you place a router behind the cable modem or DSL modem, the MAC address from the device WAN port is not recognized by the ISP. In this case, to configure your device to be recognized by the ISP, you can clone the MAC address of the WAN port to be the same as your computer MAC address.

Why is my modem showing offline?

If your network is offline: Check your modem’s Internet connection. 2. You can check if your modem is connected to the Internet by connecting a device to the modem and seeing if you can still access the Internet . Make sure that your Internet service provider (ISP) connection is active.

How do I open my modem?

Why can’t I access my modem?

The reason you can’t reach the modem, is because the IP address of the modem is on the same network as your LAN, but isn’t connected to the LAN (its connected to the WAN). The easy fix, if you can’t change your modem IP, is to change your LAN IP range. Use something like 192.168. 0.0/255 instead of 192.168.

How do I authenticate my cable modem?

Most cable companies authorize your cable modem based on it’s MAC address. Every DOCSIS cable modem has a unique one. When your modem boots up, it attempts to talk to your cable provider, and the provider will either grant or deny it access based on it’s MAC.

How does a cable modem uncapper use it?

What is a cable modem uncapper and how does a hacker use it? A cable modem uncapper is a program floating around the Internet that uncaps the bandwidth limits either included in your cable modem or programmed in by your cable Internet provider.

What happens when I increase the cable modem cap?

In the event you do increase the cap, you have to reboot the cable modem to make the change permanent, but once you do, the modem will contact the head end computer and download the latest settings, including the speed limits, which are most likely the ones you just tried to bypass through uncapping.

How is a cable modem connected to a PC?

There are usually two network configurations. (1) The PC is directly connected to the cable modem. (2) The PC is connected to a NAT router, whose WAN port is then in turn connected to the cable modem. All of the following steps apply to both cases, except the final one that deals with TFTP.

How do I change the cap on my DOCSIS modem?

You just downloaded the docsis configuration file from your ISP. Now it’s time to edit it to change the modem’s cap. This is done by using the Cisco Docsis configuration software in the docsisConfig directory (also available from ).

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