What is 57F4?

What is 57F4?

57F4 challan is now called as (4)(5)A challan. In case of subcontracting process this challan is used to remove the material from premises without payment of excise duties on condition of returnable in 180 days. There is no duty values in this challan only quantity is there.

What is subcontracting process in SAP MM?

Subcontracting is one of the procurement processes available in MM. In this process, components are shared to vendor to get the final product.

What is subcontracting Challan in SAP?

A document that you use to issue and track subcontracting work. It allows you to make sure that all the materials you have sent to the subcontractor for processing are returned. Note. The challan is also widely known as the 57F4 challan, after the law under which it was defined up until the 2000 budget.

How do I delete a Challan in SAP?

then create subcontract challan or 57F4 challan. then user want to cancel the challan or reverse the challan with material document reverse. Component are reverse with Movement type 542 but Challan is not reversed.

What is the use of delivery challan in GST?

A delivery challan is a document created during the transportation of goods from one place to another which may or may not result in sales. This is sent along with the shipped goods. It contains the details of the items shipped, the quantity of those goods, buyer and delivery address.

What is job worker in GST?

As per GST Act, job work means any treatment or process undertaken by a person on goods belonging to another registered person. The person doing the job work is called a job worker. Please also refer to our article on Impact of GST on job work.

What is reconciliation of subcontracting Challan?

Reconciliation of subcontracting challan will be done in J1IFQ against material document. Recocillation means settlement. In this scenario reconcillation of the quantity for subcontracting challan. Thanking you. After completion of subcontracting challan in J1IFQ we will settle the quantity against material document.

What is difference between e-way Bill and delivery challan?

e-Way bill will be issued by Common GST portal/GSTN to transporter that is proof of valid supply as per GST. Delivery Challan is accounting document which willl be issued by consignor to transport company when there is no issue of tax invoice.

What is difference between delivery challan and invoice?

To make it easy to understand – an invoice is a bill of the sale purchase transaction between seller and buyer whereas, a delivery challan is a note provided by the seller to the recipient about the delivery of goods and that the goods being dispatched without payment of GST.

What is ITC in GST?

Input Tax Credit means claiming the credit of the GST paid on purchase of Goods and Services which are used for the furtherance of business. The Mechanism of Input Tax Credit is the backbone of GST and is one of the most important reasons for the introduction of GST.

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