What do Lake Eyre dragons eat?

What do Lake Eyre dragons eat?

Diet. The main food source for C. maculosus is the harvest ant Melophorus. The nest-mounds of these ants provide an additional benefit to the dragon lizard as lookout points, basking sites, and sources of shade.

Why do Tata lizards wave?

Dragons have the keenest vision of all Australian lizards, so appearance means a great deal to them. Some northern species are called “ta-ta” or “bye-bye” lizards because they wave their forelimbs as though bidding farewell. A number of dragons broadcast ultraviolet signals invisible to humans.

What dragon lives in Australia?

Where do bearded dragons live? Bearded dragons are found across Australia, typically in arid or semi-arid environments. The Eastern Bearded Dragon is widespread, found in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

What animals live in Lake Eyre?

Lake Eyre Fauna. The only life on the lake are a few small creatures, the salt lake louse (Haloniscus searlei), the brine shrimp (Artemia salina) and a camouflaged lizard, the Lake Eyre dragon (Amphibolurus maculosus).

Do monitor lizards live in Australia?

Today there are 27 extant species of these large lizards in Australia, most are carnivorous. Size is the distinguishing feature of Australian monitors; the largest is the Perentie (V. giganteus), which grows over 2m long, and the smallest: the Short-tailed Monitor (V. brevicuda), grows to just 20cm.

What kind of life does a Lake Eyre dragon have?

The life of a Lake Eyre dragon is as complex as its backdrop is simple. It’s a hierarchy of dominant and subservient males, mated and unmated females. From vantage points on old driftwood or elevated chunks of salt, dominant males scan for trespassers.

What happens when Lake Eyre is full of water?

When the lake is full, a notable phenomenon is that around midday the surface can often become very flat. The surface then reflects the sky in a way that leaves both the horizon and water surface virtually impossible to see. The commodore of the Lake Eyre Yacht Club has stated that sailing during this time has the appearance of sailing in the sky.

When is the best time to visit Lake Eyre?

The best time to visit Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park is between April and October. If summer monsoon rains provide floodwaters locally or from Queensland, you are more likely to see water in the lake during these cooler months. In summer, temperatures in the area can soar to more than 50 degrees Celsius.

Where does the Salt Lake ground dragon live?

Ctenophorus maculosus, commonly known as the Lake Eyre dragon lizard or salt-lake ground-dragon, is a species of agamid lizard endemic to South Australia. C. maculosus mainly inhabits the edges of salt lakes in South Australia, from which its common names are derived.

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