Who are the main girls in Monster High?

Who are the main girls in Monster High?

  • Clawdeen Wolf.
  • Elissabat.
  • Lagoona Blue.
  • Ghoulia Yelps.

Who is the Blue Monster High girl?

Lagoona Blue
Lagoona Blue She is a kind and loving girl, with a tomboyish style to her clothes, and has problems with Gil’s parents due to her sea-monster heritage. However, they started to like her only for being a freshwater monster when she turned into one from Howleen’s wish in “13 Wishes”.

Who is ghoulia the daughter of?

She is a simulacrum, specifically the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster and his bride, and a student at Monster High. Having been born as a 15-year old only recently, Frankie has all the intelligence and physical capabilities of her born-age, but none of the appropriate life experiences.

Who is ghoulia yelps?

Ghoulia Yelps is a 2010-introduced and all-around character. She is a zombie, younger sister of Moan’ica Yelps, and the smartest student at Monster High. Other than Cleo, Ghoulia favours the company of other zombies, with Sloman “Slo Mo” Mortavitch and Don of the Dead being her main zombie friends.

Who does draculaura end up with?

Romance. Draculaura is a romantic-idealist who places a lot of value in finding the right one and maintaining a relationship that is “perfect”. Currently, she has found her perfect partner in Clawd Wolf, a kind, athletic, smart, and loyal werewolf who also happens to be her best friend’s brother.

Does clawdeen have a crush on draculaura?

Draculaura asks if a carnivore like her can be in love, and then Frankie asks if she fell in love with a human, and Clawdeen nods, still dreaming about her crush. Clawdeen says “It was just happy feelings, though.” Clawdeen says that her heart began to overflow with love for him because they went on the date.

Who are the female characters in Monster High?

The female characters in Monster High are referred to as Ghouls. The following have been listed on the Monster High official website: Abbey Bominable (voiced by Erin Fitzgerald (2011-2015), Cristina Milizia (2017–present) is the daughter of the Yeti. She has white hair with blue, pink and purple streaks; and blue skin.

Where does the name Monster High come from?

Her name comes from “specter”, which means ghost, and her surname is a well-known ghostly family name. This Monster High character is the daughter of a werecat and is the antagonist in the series, which is why she hasn’t got a great relationship with some of the other characters.

What are the names of the pets in Monster High?

Monster High Pets. Next, you’ll find a list of names of Monster High’s pets and who they belong to: Azura: Nefera’s scarab beetle. Captain Penny: Robecca’s robot penguin. Cawtion: River Styxx’s raven. Chewlian: Venus McFlytrap’s venus flytrap. Count Fabulous: Draculaura’s bat. Crescent: Clawdeen’s cat.

Who is the daughter of Dracula in Monster High?

One of the latest versions of the doll comes in a play set from the Thirteen Wishes range. Draculaura – As we mentioned earlier Draculaura is the daughter of Dracula himself. She is well over a thousand years old and is one of Frankie Stein’s best friends.

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