What percent does Indiegogo take?

What percent does Indiegogo take?

five percent
Indiegogo charges a five percent (5%) platform fee on all funds raised for your campaign. Fees are calculated and deducted from the funds you actually raise (not the goal you set). Our payment processor also charges a processing fee that varies according to your location and currency.

How does Indiegogo payment work?

Indiegogo will send a disbursement to your bank account within 15 business days after your campaign ends, provided your bank account information is correct and accurate.

What are the rules for Indiegogo?

Indiegogo’s Role

  • We do not endorse any User Content.
  • We may remove User Content or cancel Campaigns and refund Contributions in Our discretion.
  • We may require you to provide information about your Campaign before disbursing funds.
  • We do not guarantee Perks or Refunds.
  • We do not provide tax or legal advice to Users.

Does Indiegogo charge VAT?

You succeeded getting crowdfunded in Kickstart, IndieGoGo or other platform? See how you can get your rewards and products to your campaign backers and customers while being fully VAT compliant!

Can Indiegogo be trusted?

Indiegogo’s approach to Trust & Safety involves different safeguarding tools, our Trust & Safety team, and you! We count on our global community to work together to provide a safe, secure, and trusted platform. Our Trust & Safety team regularly runs automated and manual reviews.

Does Indiegogo charge tax?

Project transactions that were generated outside of Kickstarter or Indiegogo won’t be reported on the 1099-K that you receive from them, but you’ll still have to pay taxes on those funds. Some of the money included in the form may be tax-deductible.

How do I get Indiegogo money?

When do I get my money? Funds raised via credit card are sent to your bank account (less Indiegogo fees) within 15 business days after your deadline. Following disbursements take place every four weeks and it can take 3-5 business days for funds to arrive in your bank account.

Does Indiegogo charge immediately?

Please note: Your credit card will be charged the contribution amount immediately if your transaction was successful, not at the end of the campaign.

Which crowdfunding site has lowest fees?

When comparing crowdfunding websites, Bonfire charges the lowest out of all of the ones listed. There aren’t any platform fees. The only fee they ever collect is an 8% processing fee per additional donation (reduced to an incredible 3.5% for verified nonprofits). Fundly has the next lowest platform fee of 4.9%.

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