Who is Annie Moses married to?

Who is Annie Moses married to?

Scott Dupre
Annie considers each opportunity to perform and create with her family to be a great gift. In 2010 Annie married Scott Dupre, and they are now the parents of two children.

Who plays piano for Annie Moses?

Camille Rose Da Silva
Camille Rose Da Silva is a musician and writer living in Nashville, TN. She began piano at 5-years-old and a year later started the harp.

Does Moses stay with Annie?

Bachelor New Zealand breakup: Moses Mackay and Annie Theis confirm split. They seemed to have found love on a reality TV show, but Bachelor winner Annie Theis and Moses Mackay have gone their separate ways.

Where is the band Moses from?

Hailing from London, rising indie-rock band MOSES are paving the way for the future of music. They could be defined as a band who are armed with undeniable skill, are unafraid to experiment and have incomparable vocal prowess.

How many siblings are in Annie Moses Band?

The Annie Moses Band is comprised of six siblings from Nashville known for their string virtuosity and vocal abilities.

Where is the Annie Moses Band from?

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Annie Moses Band/Origin

Where are Moses and Annie now?

She’s recently moved to Auckland and is navigating a new romance and life after reality TV. “After the final rose, when Moses chose me, I was very excited,” she tells the Herald, sharing they hung out in Auckland before Annie had to fly back home to Wanaka.

Who did Moses Mackay choose?

But Moses chose Annie, and Shenae left with only 21 new BFFs and bittersweet memories of all those cocktail party cheese boards.

Why is it called Bob Moses?

Harris suggested the name ‘Bob Moses’ after New York architect Robert Moses, and their debut EP, Hands to Hold, debuted on that label in October 2012. Soon after the release of this first EP, they went on to deliver a second, Far from the Tree, before signing to Domino Records in March 2014.

How old is Annie Moses?

Annie Moses died at 49, never having met her namesake family band.

How many siblings are in the Annie Moses Band?

Is Moses Mackay still dating Annie?


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