What is Molecule Man weakness?

What is Molecule Man weakness?

Molecule Man is a character from Marvel Comics. Owen Reece was a weak, shy boy in Brooklyn, New York who obsessively clung to his mother. He grew into a weak-willed adult, made bitter and lonely by his mother’s death, and full of fear and hatred of what he regarded as a deeply unfriendly world.

How tall is the Molecule Man?

50-foot tall
Jonathan Borofsky’s Molecule Man is a 50-foot tall aluminum sculpture weighing approximately 33,000 pounds. The base of the sculpture is 44 feet in diameter.

Can Superman beat Molecule Man?

Molecule Man – his powers are on the celestial beings scale. He easily beats Superman. Cable – while his psionic powers are great, Superman does have some resistance to telepathic attacks. Other than that, he can’t match anything Superman has gone against.

How was Molecule Man defeated?

He managed to separate himself and return to Earth. He was then defeated in combat by Klaw, and separated from Volcana. Molecule Man was later placed under the mental control of the Puppet Master. Owen mistakenly thinks that he is being stalked, and captures Samson to explain himself.

Can molecule man beat Dr Manhattan?

4 The Beyonder: Has Beaten The Equivalent Of Doctor Manhattan. One of the closest humans in the Marvel Universe to Doctor Manhattan is the Molecule Man. He was one of the prime movers against the Beyonder on his return to Earth, but even he was completely ineffectual against the Beyonder.

Can Molecule Man beat Dr Manhattan?

How did Dr Doom defeated the Beyonders?

Using kidnapped Molecule Men, Doom created a bomb that he launched on the Beyonders after drawing them out of their dimension. The detonation of the bomb reduced the number of remaining universes from hundreds of thousands to less than two dozen, but managed to destroy the Beyonders.

Is beyonder stronger than Molecule Man?

Pre retcon Beyonder was million’s of times more powerful than the entire marvel multiverse. Pre retcon molecule man was also stronger.

Who has beat beyonder?

The Molecule Man
The Molecule Man and the assembled costumed heroes then attacked the Beyonder in his sanctum, but he defeated them all. Ultimately, the Beyonder entered the machine and was transformed by it into a mortal infant and which then began transferring the Beyonder’s vast power into this newly created form.

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