Why was Ardmore sd abandoned?

Why was Ardmore sd abandoned?

“The reason the town was abandoned was the lack of good water. For years the steam engines would take on the acidic water in Ardmore and bring good drinking water in return,” explained James Reimer, author of Ardmore, a haunting fictional book based around the ghost town.

Does anyone live in Ardmore South Dakota?

The town survived the Great Depression without one family on welfare. The decline of agriculture and move of young people to other areas for work reduced the population. The last time the town had a recorded population was in 1980, when the 1980 census showed a population of 16 residents.

What is the population of Ardmore South Dakota?

This meant that the occasional small-town stop-off was no longer needed, and Ardmore was rendered useless and without a source of freshwater. Surprisingly, some residents held on until the 1980s, when the last census showed a dwindling population of only 16 people.

Where is the town of Ardmore South Dakota?

The town of Ardmore is located near the South Dakota/Nebraska border, south of Hot Springs. The town was founded in 1889, mainly as a stop for the New Burlington Railroad’s trains. At the time, the steam engines needed to stop at little towns along the route to take on more water.

What was the purpose of the town of Ardmore?

Founded in 1889, Ardmore was what anyone would expect when it came to a midwestern frontier town. The goal of the town was to become a halfway point for the New Burlington Railroad which, unfortunately, never fully came to fruition due to the town’s problems.

Is there an Ardmore reunion in South Dakota?

I have visited Ardmore many times. Although it is a ghost town, every two years there is a Ardmore reunion for people who used to live there or have connections to the town. The reunion is held in the fire station.

Is there a ghost town in South Dakota?

The town was founded in 1889 and survived the Great Depression without one family on welfare. Rough times eventually fell on Ardmore and by 2004 it was considered an isolated ghost town. Ardmore is South Dakota’s most southwest town, located in a dry plain of rolling hills and short grass.

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