What happened to Lee Dorsey?

What happened to Lee Dorsey?

Lee Dorsey, the rhythm and blues singer whose joyful sound made “Working in the Coal Mine” a hit in the 1960s, has died of complications from emphysema at the age of 59.

How old is Lee Dorsey?

61 years (1924–1986)
Lee Dorsey/Age at death

Where is Lee Dorsey from?

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Lee Dorsey/Place of birth

Born Irving Lee Dorsey on December 24, 1924 (some sources say 1926) in New Orleans, Dorsey and his family moved to Portland, Oregon, when he was ten years old.

What kind of music is Lee Dorsey?


Lee Dorsey
Genres R&B, soul, funk
Occupation(s) singer
Years active Late 1950s–1986
Labels Fury, Amy, Polydor, ABC

Who sang holy cow?

Lee Dorsey
Holy Cow/Artists

Who wrote Holy Cow?

David Duchovny
Holy Cow/Authors

What books has Duchovny written?

Holy Cow2015
Truly Like Lightning: A Novel2021Miss Subways: A Novel2018Bucky F*cking Dent2016The Reservoir2021
David Duchovny/Books
David Duchovny has published four novels, Holy Cow: A Modern-Day Dairy Tale (2015), a New York T. He was on the road to earning his Ph. D. when his interest in playwriting led him to acting.

What is the book Holy Cow about?

Holy Cow is Macdonald’s often hilarious chronicle of her adventures in a land of chaos and contradiction, of encounters with Hinduism, Islam and Jainism, Sufis, Sikhs, Parsis and Christians and a kaleidoscope of yogis, swamis and Bollywood stars.

Are David Duchovny books any good?

David Duchovny wants to be taken seriously as a novelist. But his most complex novel is also the best of the batch, and makes a solid case for him as a real-deal novelist. It’s a provocative, entertaining book that, much like Wolfe did, exposes our collective foibles and makes everybody look a little cartoonish.

What country is Sarah MacDonald from Holy Cow?

Sarah MacDonald is an Australian journalist who finds herself living in India after following her true love (another journalist).

What kind of music did Lee Dorsey play?

The effervescent approach of Lee Dorsey perfectly encapsulates the infectious charm of early-’60s New Orleans R&B. Dorsey specialized in good-humored music with a touch of second-line funk thrown in to make it all the more irresistible.

When did Lee Dorsey release Ya Ya song?

Although he had already waxed a couple of singles, he caught the country by surprise in 1961 with his deceptively simply nursery-rhyme-style “Ya Ya” on Bobby Robinson’s Fury label. Arranged by prolific New Orleans pianist Allen Toussaint, the track became an R&B chart-topper and a major pop hit to boot.

What was Lee Dorsey’s biggest hit in the 1960s?

Irving Lee Dorsey (December 24, 1924 – December 1, 1986) was an American pop and R&B singer during the 1960s. His biggest hits were ” Ya Ya ” (1961) and ” Working in the Coal Mine ” (1966).

When did the new Lee Dorsey come out?

The New Lee Dorsey was released later in 1966, and supplied Dorsey ‘s best-known song, the irresistible “Working in a Coalmine” (which he co-wrote with Toussaint ).

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